It's apparently illegal to talk about being LGBT in Florida

  1. Yes, actually, this is exactly what they mean. They get to say whatever the fuck they want without any consequences whatsoever, but that right doesn't extend to those they disagree with.

  2. Only hate speech is protected by the First Amendment. That’s the ‘free speech’ they are talking about

  3. As a former Floridian resident, I can confirm it’s just as big a shithole as the internet makes it out to be, and I regret nothing from leaving it

  4. Real talk. I was working for a company for years. Joined management and during a meeting with managers from each store in the company the head of hiring told me "I don't agree with you fucking with nature".

  5. There's already a lawsuit, but it'll take time. If we're lucky there'll be an injunction that prevents the law from being enforced while the suit is ongoing.

  6. They're using the same method Texas used to dodge Roe v. Wade in their recent abortion law. You won't get arrested for teaching about LGBTQ+ issues, but your school will be open to getting sued by any parents who object. Knowing the Florida school system like I do, this will probably lead to districts trying to fire any teachers who get too close to risking a lawsuit.

  7. I did some research, and it looks like it’s mainly in schools, and that’s how it’s somewhat legal. They’re making it so anything a child says to a teacher is reported to the parent and they can not discuss anything LGBT in the classroom at all. Gov. dumbass is relating it to CRT and i imagine this is the first step in a long line of controlling education.

  8. I mean if climate change continues the way it does and Florida continues to not give two shits about it, the earth will do us a solid on that one.

  9. Next time I hear a cishet complain "they aren't allowed to say anything anymore" I'm going to hit him with a chair.

  10. Unfortunately it is a real bill. It prohibits teachers from talking about lgbtq+ in primary schools or talk in an (undefined) age inappropriate way about in other schools. It also gives schools the opportunity to out students to their parents, without their consent.

  11. Ron DeSantis is a giant piece of shit. Throughout the pandemic, he was withholding money from schools if they enforced mask mandates. He's pushing this shit, and the bit about critical race theory can't be taught because white people today shouldn't be uncomfortable for what previous white people did.

  12. That's not what that means. It's essentially just banning discussion of anything relating to LGBT community in primary schools, whether or not that mean barring the holocaust is unclear.

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