Grug drink whiskey and smoke! Grug alpha man!

  1. You are clearly brainwashed by liberal propaganda. This man here is a real alpha male and an example of what masculinity should be. /s

  2. I find the more someone buys into right-wing thought the more unaware they are about how they come off to others and how little they care. I mean this photo looks straight out of a hollywood movie about a psychopath. But in his mind, its the epitome of an alpha male.

  3. Oh shit, I remember this guy! He’s the testosterone cream salesman who blames Jews and black people for the decline of western civilization, right?

  4. Even if this was true, which it isn't, it says more about the fragility and awfulness of western civilization than his perceived enemies. If two small ethnic groups/races can take down a billion whites, then maybe, just maybe, that civilization had problems to begin with like maybe its relentless racism, inequality, lowly regulated capitalism, and open bigotry passing as religion and politics.

  5. Pegging is good fun and it’s a pity that some people have framed it as something shameful to be enacted upon something or someone which deserves humiliation or pain.

  6. That's not nice, Vincent D'Onofrio had to undergo a record-setting physical transformation to look that creepy. Davis here just needs to smile and put six drops of whiskey in a glass of ice.

  7. If that's the guy I think it is he doesn't actually drink it though. Over an hour it hasn't even lost a sip. It's so weird. He fakes drinking it every few minutes.

  8. Looks more like a sex offender than anyone whose had consentual mutual contact with a woman in their life but ok.

  9. Zoom out. It's a sad apartment shared by several men. The couch they found outside by a dumpster when college kids moved out of their dorm. The only other furniture is a TV set on the ground. There are piss jars in his room and soda cans full of cigarette butts. His mattress is on the floor, stained, has no sheets. His clothes are all crumpled on his mattress and he sleeps on them in a pile. Everything smells like mildew, body odor, axe bodyspray, stale urine, old beer, cigarettes, and rotting semen. He's in his mid thirties and assistant manager at a dead end job. He tries to pressure his underage workers into giving him a blowjob during work hours. Some have tried reporting him but the boss is his roommate's dad. He spends his free time stalking feminist subreddits and posting hate speech, not knowing he's been shadow banned. He wonders why no one replies to his posts. He has decided he needs a white conservative woman who is a virgin and will do whatever he says, but she has to be very very young because otherwise she might realize how terrible at everything he is. He doesn't realize how unintentionally hilarious his shirt is to everyone who knows him.

  10. I’ve seen this photo twice and I thought this was the actor from split wearing a tee shirt saying this is what Patricia looks like I was so damn confused as to why it was here lol

  11. He looks like he just came back from scavenging a bunch of copper wire from an abandoned house and is trying to hide how deranged he is

  12. Oh look! Davis Aurini! The man who can't finish one glass of whiskey in less than a day and a half! Thank goodness we have people like him upholding the concept of traditional masculinity! /s

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