Class of 2023, what’s your ratio between reaches/targets/safeties?

  1. Maybe add Squidward Community College as another reach? It's a great school; I mean, who wouldn't want to go to a school that's represented by a cartoon character?

  2. 0:1:2 My target is my state flagship, bc it gets a lot of out of staters that drive down the acceptance rate quite a bit to the point where idk if my 3.6 w and 1160 SAT will be enough. I might also apply to Pitt for another target bc i hear theyre good with aid, but its still out of state so idk. The other two are also out of state, but safeties in case I don’t get in in-state. My entire state doesnt have many colleges, so im pretty much doomed to pay out of state tuition if i dont go to my flagship.

  3. They're all safeties pretty much. What's the point of getting accepted to a prestigious university if I can't afford to go there anyways :/

  4. If your family isn’t doing well financially a lot of universities have large aid. The ivies especially. Worth a shot, don’t sell yourself short

  5. feel you. my parents are well off so financial aid isn’t gonna happen but they can’t pay 60k for school for me

  6. Is it bad to not have any reaches? My dream school is one I’ll probably get into. It’s not a state school but it’s not an ivy or anything crazy prestigious. Am I the only one on here not applying to any ivies or any of the UCs?

  7. i’m only applying to one ivy, and i likely won’t attend even if i get in. i’m a prospective civil engineering major so what i can do matters more than the “prestige” of where i attended. bc of ABET regulations, engineering education quality is very similar across universities. i’ll be solid as long as i get a good gpa, do internships, and develop my soft skills.

  8. '24 but this also includes intl schools (8 of them). Planning to also apply to JP/CN schools if the language thing works out. Am a domestic for Australian Unis so only applying to targets and reaches in the US.

  9. Only UofA and ASU and those are reaches for me because my gpa was bad. Don’t think I should bother with anything harder like UCLA. Maybe a csu

  10. 7 far reaches(I’m 25th percentile), 2 reaches (in the 25-50th percentile, 6 targets (in or slightly above 50-75th percentile) 2 safety (above 75th percentile).

  11. i don’t even know which schools are targets vs. reaches for me 😭 but i have 3 safeties (uw-madison, pitt, uiuc in-state [and my school is a mega feeder to uiuc]) out of 17 schools

  12. 6:4:3. I like the idea of proportionally increasing the amount of schools you apply to as you go from safety -> target -> reach

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