SE Owner, Testing an Ultra at the Apple Store. How did y'all adjust to the thickness? Side by side in replies

  1. Dude, put an old one on. They feel tiny. I don’t know how that screen was all I ever had before.

  2. I came from a Series 4 44mm in stainless. Absolutely after a few days don’t even notice the thickness and for me it feels lighter. I know the stats would say otherwise but it honestly doesn’t feel heavy at all on the wrist.

  3. Definitely feels lighter than the stainless. Granted I had the stainless band as well so it’s all going to feel lighter. Still surprised by how much.

  4. I had the SE and was most worried about the thickness and after having it for a week and I've noticed it not at all. I've lifted and worked out with it, gone hiking and done normal every day activities and there was zero adjustment . My wrist is only 125 mm so not huge.

  5. Well the Ultra is the first Apple Watch that doesn’t look like a Kids Watch on my wrist and I often wear a Casio GWG1000. So I didn’t have to adjust at all. It just fits perfectly.

  6. If you buy this watch I promise you that the next 3 Apple Watches that come out won’t be needed unless you need to absolutely have them.

  7. I didn’t. It’s flatter and sits flush so it’s actually more comfortable. I had stainless before with my S6 so it’s not much heavier either.

  8. It feels quite nice and is surprisingly light I guess due to the titanium. My only gripe with it so far is the crown. I don't know if it's the position or if its actually larger - but it keeps rubbing against my skin which makes it a pain to turn sometimes. Never had this issue with the S7.

  9. Same experience here. I’ve found that if I loosen the band a bit more than I used to on my S6, it makes it easier to interact with the crown.

  10. I upgraded from a 44mm S6 (which I upgraded from S4, from S2) … I’ve had the ULTRA for about a week and I love the bigger size, it doesnt feel as delicate … I dont abuse the watch but I work outside and always felt like I was going to damage the S6 … the battery is incredible lasts about 3 days without a charge. The flat glass is a minor change but it really makes the watch feel different. Over all it just has a beefier feel but the extra size really doesnt bother me at all. I exercise a lot and like what all my watches have provided. This one raised the bar. I swim with it, run with it and bike with it. Havent had a chance to use all of the new gizmos but will try them out. I was NEVER a watch guy until I tried my 1st s2 for running … these days I use the crap outta the watch for many things in life … keeps my phone in my pocket at work … Its certainly not for everyone and an expensive investment. Its the watch Ive waited for since they announced the 1st Apple Watch.

  11. Came from a 41mm and honestly the second I put it on I was like this is way better, no adjustment needed. I have 180cm wrists so not the biggest but it definitely doesn’t look out of place.

  12. I’m coming from a series 5 41mm and it took me about a day to adjust. I think it also depends on the band as well. My first day I wore it with the ocean loop but I could tell that attributed to the heaviness. I switched to sport loop and that helped. The face is quite larger but coming from a 41mm, I actually really like the larger screen.

  13. I tried it out. I have a AW Series 5 and decided that the ultra is too thick to my liking. Beautiful watch, but it’s not suited for me. If I could, I can update it to series 8, but so far my series 5 is still going strong.

  14. Went for a Series 7 Ti resale right after the launch. 1/2 the price and the better choice for me. Super cool piece of tech but not for my use case.

  15. Came from a 45mm series. Didn’t take long at all especially since it was much lighter than I expected.

  16. One thing holding me back is trying to think how it would be to sleep with that thing on if your tracking sleep.

  17. Coming from a 40mm Series 4, I don’t even notice it anymore. And I have skinny wrists too - 170mm. Don’t sweat it too much. Now I look at my old Series 4 and it looks comically too small.

  18. I am coming from a series 3 42mm to the Ultra and i like the size a lot! It worked since i have very large wrists (220mm)

  19. It’s only a problem with tight-fitting jackets and shirts. No one expects a woman with tiny arms to wear a giant watch.

  20. Love mine. Coming from a 40mm SS series 4. Only thing I don’t prefer is the sharp edge along the sides of the top. If Apple could have knocked that sharp edge off but still appear sharp, it would be much better. It’s sharp enough to scuff the leather on my living room furniture.

  21. My god that really does look thick lol, I can’t help but still want one though for the battery, flat screen, and titanium.

  22. That's my dilemma! I think I'm gonna go for it, give it a shot. It has a two week return policy so if I don't like it I can take it back. The features are too hard to pass up.

  23. I don't know why all these photos are close-ups. When you zoom out and see someone wearing it casually as part of an outfit, it doesn't look that thick. You get used to it really fast.

  24. Yeah no I’ll pass. I love the idea of a rugged, outdoor watch but seems that all it’s suited for. It just wouldn’t look right in formal or upscale occasions.

  25. If they had made an anodized black version of the casing it would have been a home run and solved this problem for me.

  26. Coming from a galaxy watch 4 to a series 7, I felt like the ultra was too thick for me but for the price and durability it may be eventually a consideration as a gift

  27. Tried one on my wrist at the local Apple Store. It’s just too big. Would have liked to see the S8 w/ Titanium Case in Space Black and Sapphire Crystal…just like the S6 I’m wanting to replace.

  28. I love the watch but I’m firm on sticking with my 7 for a while. I’m quite sure something else will follow the Ultra and probably be a little thinner, as things tend to go.

  29. I’ve gone from a 44mm S4 SS to the Ultra and honestly, I haven’t felt that’s it size has been a negative in any way, shape or form. My wrists are approx 175mm and I absolutely love it. Favourite bit of tech in a long long time.

  30. I’ve always had the smaller sized apple watches, 1, 3, 4, 6. When I saw the ultra I was impressed, I loved the design and the new tech. Then I saw how big it was.

  31. I have had zero issues switching to the ultra. Coming from a 6 the only thing was the taller body. But I have a Garmin Epix 2 for hikes and the size is pretty much the same as the ultra. It’s surprisingly light for the size. About 10 grams lighter than the Garmin. It’s been my favorite watch so far. Very happy

  32. I found it difficult to adjust at first when I wore mine with the Ocean Band. But once I popped the Alpine Loop on I found the transition easy. It’s a gorgeous watch and, as others have said, once you use it for a few days you’ll wonder how you ever used the smaller versions. My SS6 feels tiny and cramped and just nowhere near as fun or pleasurable to use

  33. Just know that if you're planning on dressing it up, the AWU can play the role, but the thing that bugs you the most may be that it doesn't wear well with a long sleeved dress shirt.

  34. Yeah I thought of this, debating keeping the SE for those purposes. Honestly though, I haven't dressed up like that in quite a while. Probably won't need to for any consistent time period. When I do I can make it work.

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