Ultra with Alpine Green band & Air Force OCP 🤘🏼

  1. As someone who’s served ig people say as a sign of respect/nod for making sacrifices to serve their country. I personally find it cringe because civilians don’t understand that most jobs in the military is doing boring/mundane day to day tasks like any other job or we’re training, 99% of the time. Even on deployment. In my experience I have never heard a vet thanking another for their service.

  2. Military and cops get the love. Firefighters to a lesser degree. Teachers, sanitation workers, healthcare workers and other civil servants largely overlooked.

  3. it is legit although usually in real life it tent to only happen if you are interacting with a service person directly at least for what i notice in my time here. US has a long history with servceperson so many people have a family member or friend in the service so is like tradition. Specially veterans will tell it to others. I have seen veterans that on ocation may even pay for a meal if they see the service person eating at restaurant. So on a post it may seem more overwelming because each comment is interacting with OP so they are bound to mention it in their individual comments.

  4. I find the opposite but that’s just me. I’ve worn my sport loop with that orientation for years and I don’t think I could switch.

  5. There are only 2 branches of the military, Army and the Navy. The Airforce is a corporation and the Marines are a cult. All jokes aside, thank you for your service.

  6. Everyone I’ve seen has put this band upside down compared to how Apple markets it. I like the lol of this better!

  7. Wish the usmc allowed us to wear different colors in cammies! So far, I’m told we can only wear black bands when we’re wearing our cammies(pretty much all the time)

  8. There’s a tiny gap — so much so you really have to look — when you’re wearing one of the older, 45mm non-Ultra bands on the Ultra.

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