prescriptions on trail?

  1. Take pictures of all the prescriptions just in case. When you're out in the middle of the woods hiking no long portion is going to make you open your bag and explain what everything is in it. It can happen at a bus station or an airport. If you were to get pulled over and they search the car. They aren't even going to do that pack. keep all the pills in one bottle to keep them from getting crushed or wet. They probably won't fill up the bottle all of the way so make sure you stuff the empty space in the bottle full of cotton balls so it doesn't rattle it will get annoying very quick speaking from experience!

  2. Oh absolutely brilliant! I didn't think of the rattle haha. Thank you! I figured I was thinking to much into it but wanted to ask 😁😁😁

  3. I would keep them in the bottle. Pills in a ziplock baggie are likely to get crushed over time and you'll then just have powder which is obviously impossible to dose correctly. My Aleve that was in a bag became powder after about a month.

  4. If I can consume a close to two lbs of marijuana and also consume 40 hits of acid while on my six month thruhike, you can take your legal drugs on your three week stint.

  5. That's some serious sacrifice to take so small of a stash for three weeks. I bet you had to ration it though and that's not easy.

  6. You can ask your pharmacist to print out a label for each of your prescriptions. You can then stick them to a ziplock. My pharmacist gave me heavy duty ziplock bags . They were for hazardous waste and were about 5" x 7" but more durable than ziplocks. I then carry what I need and a bit more, because life happens. I place those in a small dry bag because I'm paranoid about them getting wet or lost. I do not hang them, they stay in the tent with me.

  7. Legally pills need to be kept in a container with the label. Doubt you will run into cops, but if you were ever detailed and searched… it could be an issue. Had this issue at the airport once but the trail is different.

  8. All you need to know is how to say the words, "I do not consent to being searched" & "Am I being detained or am I free to go." & say NOTHING else.

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