NOBO 23 AT Lighterpack

  1. Charging brick has to be over 4 oz double check that but to me looks great! And you’ll figure it out more as you go!! I had a 30K capacity battery and it worked well but the thing was a literal pound and vlogged too

  2. I appreciate the feedback, I think ill ditch the rain mitts, umbrella, and possibly the chair. Ill primarily use the fleece pants and base layer as a sleep set. I also have 4 devices( garmin watch, inreach, headlamp, phone) that use different charging cords. I already have an adapter and im using short cords so im not sure how to cut down more.

  3. Consider three pairs of socks: one to hike in, a dry pair to hike in after it's been raining or when you wash the other pair, and a pair for sleeping. If a hiking sock gets a hole, you can switch it out for sleeping.

  4. My shorts have a liner, I'm primarily going to use my base layer and fleece pants as sleep cloths, I'm adding personal care stuff but my wife will be carrying the small first aid supplies so I didn't add it to my list.

  5. I’m not telling you to change your set up but I’m going to put this info out there: The ATC is recommending against bear hanging in favor of bear resistant containers like bear cans and ursacks. Ursacks and bear cans are expensive so this is more pointed towards anyone reading this who hasn’t purchased a food system yet

  6. Yeah, we purchased our hang system and took it on a 70 mile shakedown hike and loved it. Then the ATC came out with their recommendations right after. I’m still trying to decide what adjustments should be made if any.

  7. A filter is a filter. I wouldn’t change your system unless you have issues with it. I carry the befree, but I’ve had problems with it clogging so i carry a replacement cartridge and it’s still lighter than my sawyer.

  8. I would encourage you to consider hand sanitizer, soap, and before you get too far along on your hike, you will want a big repellent. Lime disease is a thing; at least in the northeast, and ticks can be awful. I’d encourage anyone hiking the AT to get their clothes treated via Insect Shield personally.

  9. You've got a lot of good advice. I'd consider using a pack cover and liner- even if it's just a black trash bag over your pack. When it rains, it helps keep everything else dry, and makes sure your liner doesn't have to do all the work.

  10. Disagree on platypus. Bladders are tricky because you can’t see how much water is in them which can be dangerous and they can leak. Crampons aren’t needed, but do consider microspikes. Don’t carry them tho, just have them shipped to Fontana if you need them. I made it thru Pa with 1.5L capacity, but wouldn’t do that again. They can always just grab an extra smart water at a town in Pa, depending on water conditions when they hit it.

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