Springer hike

  1. It’s a fun hike. I recommend hiking the loop of the benton mackaye around springer as well. Honestly it’s kinda a green tunnel from black gap back until you get closer to amicalola. It’s worth seeing the falls at the state park too.

  2. Personally, I would avoid killing my knees by going down hundreds of successive stairs at the end of your hike, but that’s me having done this in the dead of an unexpected winter storm. Springer to Unicoi Gap could be a nice weekend trek- maybe longer than a weekend? Can get a ride to Springer head from Dahlonghea. There’s a small amount of parking at Unicoi base. Have fun with whatever you decide!🙂

  3. You could get dropped off at FSR42 and then walk south. That will give you one mile to Springer and then 8 more miles to Amicalola. Don't know if this is what you meant but it's a common starting point for nobo so getting there should not be an issue.

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