All according to Keikaku.

  1. Omfg i hate isekai and being reincarnated as a very op demi god with the power to traverse universes and a tsundere princess while a party of hot femles adopts them even though the taundere princess is the one they want forever and they are actually all related and sisters and they need the mc help to live happy life but thentheir life goes on and they only end up with one of them.

  2. Nah man. You have to be more specific with your hate. For example, I hate isekai MC’s with harems like Kazuma.

  3. I hate being surrounded by girls, like seriously it's really annoying there are always like 5 or more girls surrounding me and i know for a fact that none of them is interested in me

  4. Well zero turned into a vampire first, then his hatred for vampires grew from when he was a kid, to his high school years

  5. I hate getting isekai-ed into a world where I'm one of the strongest beings with a harem consisting of a goddes, a shapeshifting tomboy dragon and an elf!

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