POV you're mappa animator

  1. Waiting for MAPPA fanboys to remind us not to pirate its anime as if the subscription fees will end up in the burned-out animator's pocket.

  2. There is the Animator Dormitory Project. I'll admit I'm not super educated on it due to the language barrier. Although I believe they provide housing for animators.

  3. Watashi is busy trying to recover the AC remote in Tatami Time Machine Blues so I don’t think he is thinking much about Mappa employees

  4. Just a reminder that mappa probably has multiple teams working on different anime. also, vinland saga was already worked on by WIT before passed on to mappa. furthermore, chainsaw man is coming out in just a few weeks, which means it's been finished for months probably, and the chainsaw man animators have started working on whatever show is coming out in 2023.

  5. I'd like to believe that they have multiple teams working on the projects at the same time, similar to how some game studios divvy up their work, but man that's still a lot.

  6. Just make sure Chainsaw Man is perfect in every single frame, then you can have 2 year paid vacations (i am not a boss at MAPPA so show this comment to your boss for approval)

  7. One of the biggest studios with one of the highest pays(or maybe it actually it is the highest I can't remember)

  8. The lead animator (I don't remember his/her exact job but the boss of the show) went to mappa CEO and told that all people on working on chainsaw man should have higher pay, less hours per week and more vacation per year and the CEO just accepted everything ! Which means that if the show is a success other studios could follow this idea.

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