care to explain, you two?

  1. I will answer. You habe to inow that in Germany "teen porn" by Definition means "people under 30". This is because germans can't speak english and don't know what it means. If want to know it means "Jugendlicher"

  2. I think it's more that most porn is targeted at men, and the majority of women that enjoy porn about fucking women are women who want to fuck women

  3. Nah it turns out that most women in the world like lesbian porn but not cause they're lesbian or even bi but that they like the intimacy in lesbian sex

  4. I've seen similar data for the whole globe, I'd hazard a guess that porn viewing is just more common among lesbians than straight women. Maybe because most porn is marketed at straight men, so it could be easier for lesbians to find porn that focuses on women. Although gay men also watch plenty of porn so who knows. I'm sure someone out their has done a study surveying people of all genders and sexualities about this, but I'm not sure how to find it

  5. I think it comes down to most porn being straight, so you have 10% of the woman population who are lesbians looking up lesbian on Pornhub.

  6. I don't really agree with the other answers you got, I think from what I've seen it's generally about being much more sensual, gentle, and romantic, and features more foreplay and cunnilingus, things that ladies like. Also usually more attractive men. Don't get me wrong, I like regular porn, but it's generally not a portrayal of a woman being pleasured lol

  7. Ain't nobody gonna talk about Kazakhstan and Turkmenista? And wtf is freidnly female is everything alright in Czech?

  8. "female friendly" means it was specifically made to cater to ladies. It makes sense because this is a map of the porn most watched by women.

  9. I was born in Kazakhstan but im not kazak and i have some kazak friends… and by women’s searches you can understand that kazak men arent sorted to satisfy women r.i.p. friends 😔✊🏼

  10. You guys don't have to all take turns asking why other people aren't talking about the thing you want to talk about. Just make whatever observation you wanted to make about the thing and others will probably join in if they have something they want to say about it.

  11. My theory for the prevelance of the lesbian category is that because most porn is made for het men, it is thus focused on fucking a woman. As such the majority of women searching for porn will be the ones who also want to fuck women.

  12. Dude almost the entire middle of Earth are freaking gay lol no wonder men are having issues dating when we have to compete with women who actually know how to look good

  13. Turkish here, can confirm as a person who watches porn frequently the titles of the videos mostly have “Amateur teen” in them

  14. You know how they ask us if every website can track everything… your demographics are public to the web, unless you share a computer

  15. I find it Hella funny that the part of China showed there, fantasises about Big Dicks xD Something about stereotypes

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