1. Vivy, Steins gate, ousama ranking, one punch man, hajime no ippo, mushishi, gintama, Saiki k, mob psycho 100, dorohedoro, great pretender, yuukoko no Moriarty, ya boy Kongming, deimon, Jujutsu kaisen. Plus many more fit the brief

  2. i havent seen every anime on this list, but i must say that while i love Steins;Gate, it doesn't fit the criteria. Luka is very sexualized but is only 16, the only difference is that they're (usually) a dude. One Punch man also has a sexualized character who is technically over 18 but the running joke is that she looks like a child, and I think that makes it also not fit the criteria.

  3. While not sexualizing the underage, One Punch Man did sexualize mosquitos for an episode (which is a good thing)

  4. I mean, Mio's panties play a significant role at more than one occation, so I wouldn't say that there is no sexualisation. It's pretty minor, though.

  5. Wait you said Sailor Moon?? Are we talking about the same show were the 16 year old girl is being hit own by a grown ass man living on his own with a job running around in with a tuxedo. That sailor moon?

  6. I LOVE made in abyss, but the one thing I absolutely hate about it is that it ticks that first box so many times that it feels like you've opened the author's pandora's box.

  7. Damn I almost forgot about that one. Really is one of the best depictions of a relationship in an anime. I really enjoyed that one

  8. March Comes like a Lion, A place further then the Universe, Haikyuu, Run With the Wind, to your eternity

  9. One of the few anime's that actually manages to create a strong emotional bond to its characters. I tear up in the final episode each time.

  10. In Noragami, Hiyori is sexualized sometimes and in Stein's Gate there's a scene where Okabe gropes Ruka and another one where he walks in on Mayuri and Kurisu taking a shower. In FMAB there's a scene where Ed watches Winry change clothes without her knowing he's there. But these are still a lot more tame than many other animes, so I understand what you're saying.

  11. I LOVE Komi Can’t Communicate, but I gotta disagree on the NOT sexualizing underage characters thing. I mean, they reference Agari’s “assets” and hint at her having a pet-play fetish multiple times. Plus they go Jo-Jo with Katai’s body poses sometimes.

  12. Code Geass huh? do you just not remember that Kallen... exists? Or more specifically that she's 17 which oh so close but does not clear the mark. A bunch of these, really, but CG is definitely the most obvious.

  13. Steins;gate: multiple lewd scènes (remember the shower walk in) Code Geass: shower scene + swimsuit scenes Kaguya: bath scene FMAB: very mild, but the blond haired girl did kinda almost undress in front of the MC Dr stone: multiple lewd panty like shots

  14. Steins;Gate manga is marked NSFW on some sites, even though I think it (both manga and anime) managed to not sexualize catgirls maids but still have them.

  15. There is plenty, but still a drop in the bucket comparatively. When you're 30 years old and skimming through the new seasonal stuff to watch, that doesn't have high schoolers and younger being sexualized for the audience's enjoyment, it's slim pickings.

  16. I dunno a lot of people would say Hori is a little toxic. Though I don’t know if the anime skipped over these scenes so the anime might fit the bill.

  17. Depends on your definition of underage and sexualization. Because I clearly remember there being sex jokes pre-timeskip.

  18. Oh Oh I shine here first we are assuming any character under 18 that is mentioned sexualized even to the smallest margin counts as a no and anything that portrays poor relationship dynamics is also a no.

  19. I asked my friend who doesn't currently watch anime what tropes bother him to see if I could find something he might enjoy.

  20. You can barely find shows with live actors with those criteria. It's almost as if most shows/media are power fantasies (super hero is currently most prominent) or focus on school-life. Does your friend only watch The Office?

  21. Wait so he won't watch a show even of there's underage characters at all? Even when they're not sexualized at all, he still says no to, like, Anya Forger? Or even Thorfinn in Vinland Saga (who started as a kid)?

  22. I would like to agree, but wasn’t vivi like 15 during alabasta, and shirahoshi is definitely 15. And the sanji humor as well as his relationship with puddin go pretty far in violating the second point.

  23. I don't remember if Azumanga Daioh sexualized characters. We went to the point seeing people in swimsuits that used to be something harmless and normal if you go swimming can be considered "oversexualizitation" because how many close ups anime do.

  24. I feel like pretty much all media from all over the world glorifies unhealthy relationships. Pretty much every popular western movie and tv show does it.

  25. I’m loving this thread’s pattern of people posting a show, followed by a reply saying, “shame about the panty sniffing episode”, completely proving the original comic’s point.

  26. Spice and Wolf. Just be prepared to join the eternal(but not too much longer now) wait for season 3.

  27. I started watching anime again recently, and I’m glad to say that I’ve been spared so far. Enjoying Shadows House, Ranking of Kings, Kino’s Journey (2017), and Way of the Househusband, and they’ve all been fine.

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