Always happens

  1. So the final boss is all about being fingered to become a large and unable to spill cup?(yes, I watched it) Btw, pro tip: watch the censored YouTube version because it’s short, meaning you want more, and it doesn’t have weird shit, so you can watch it in relative peace

  2. laughs in Valkyria Chronicles considering you can unlock the bosses and they are just as OP as when you fight them (like in number 4 which is the only one I beat, even though you need DLC to have them as playable characters but when you do unlock them later in the game they are OP as hell)

  3. Or they used to be OP as Playable character and by the time you unlock them, they get nerfed cuz noobs cry that they're too OP.... GAME LIFE!

  4. i like that this meme endured the pass of time in spite of the fact there haven't been a game where you unlock bosses as playable character in decades

  5. Also pertains to some games. I know some old ones where you finally unlock a cool boss character only to not be able to use his moves he used against you or some of their weapons etc.

  6. you mind me asking why you exclusively post about Redo of Healer? Got no other interests, no other anime/manga or anything really?

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