I'm not surprised

  1. Personally i think that except episode 2 redo of healer Is not even that extreme. What do you think?

  2. How extreme it is depends on if you're comparing it to ecchi anime or hentai. Like obviously compared to 'A Kite', Redo of Healer isn't too bad. But if you compare it with highschool dxd or any other popular ecchi, then its barely in the same ballpark

  3. It’s rather bad and nobody would remember it if not all the rape. It’s not a good show and people who say it is some sort of a masterpiece are rather not to be taken seriously

  4. This happened to be the third anime i ever watched after my "friend" trolled me into doing it and i will never ever forget what happened in the first episode.

  5. Seriously i hate this show, it was a very mediocre anime with hentai level storytelling and plot. and here i am seeing people pass it off as funny and unique anime. This show pass of raping as a post trauma recovery option, and people are even defending him for it. In other words it's just bad. It could start a very bad trend where animators desperate for success would just go with this type of edgy plots with lots of nudity and sex for no reason other than quick fame. Just like many new animes which has too much gore for no reason other than to get famous like AOT, but without a good story. You guys should criticise a bad show but here you are almost promoting this show to everyone. You can find many good animes to make memes from, don't promote garbage content, a lot of people watch anime after seeing these memes here and this show will just drive them off from the community. If i had just started watching anime and my second or third anime was this garbage, where a rapist was the hero instead of anime like Gintama or bleach i would not be here.

  6. she's till not as bad as the worst teacher in manga who led her student to mcmmit suicide after he graduated because she led him on

  7. Nowhere legal lol. Hidive technically has it but they just have the censored version, featuring 50 second slow pans over a fireplace because it's impossible to censor what's happening on the screen without just blocking it out entirely. Also it would probably be a federal crime to broadcast the uncensored version in the US, so don't expect anyone to pick it up over here any time soon.

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