This is Riley. Riley went to the groomers today. Riley has since been lying in dirt and she has become ungovernable.

  1. I used to have this problem with one of my dogs. Every time I would pick him up from the groomers he would ignore me for 3 days afterwards. Really held a grudge. Since we only went every 2 or 3 months I decided to start giving him a very special treat on the way home. It's amazing how a plain McDonald's cheeseburger can assuage a small dogs anger. After a couple of times of that he began to associate the groomers with the special treat. No more problems.

  2. I see the problem. She has decided to conduct a special operation and annex part of your property. She is waiting for you to claim it back.

  3. Yea well you took off all the smells that attach him to that house in his world he’s like I don’t smell like my house I don’t smell like my pack I must be a outcast quick rub some shit on me

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