Highly skilled panda warrior

  1. "Oh, you want a piece of me? Swisshhh Then taste my staff of justice! Can't handle this, can you? Tumble, slightly out of breath Never seen Panda style, huh? Ow, dropped it Lightnin!"

  2. There really is only one real way to make bamboo submit. Ambush. Death roll. Snap spinal column. This is a very specialized creature. It's niche is keeping bamboo in check.

  3. Yes, this is exactly how I react when a new bamboo stalk pops up in my yard. Bamboo is so darn invasive it drives me nuts. It takes years to eradicate the stuff.

  4. Fun fact: Pandas don't actually exist. Every time you think you see a panda it's actually just a drunk guy in a panda costume.

  5. Pandas can get over 200 lbs, have sharp claws, are strong enough to climb trees despite their size, and have a massively strong bite meant to crush bamboo. You really wouldnt. They are still bears.

  6. https://www.redditsave.com/r/AnimalsBeingDerps/comments/x88su6/highly_skilled_panda_warrior/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

  7. If I ever get abducted and put in an alien zoo, they're going to be surprised our species ever lasted this long. They'll figure out I basically only eat spaghetti, it's impossible to get me to successfully mate, and if you leave me alone all day with my noodles, I will roll around in them.

  8. Someone talented should put a guitar where the bamboo shoot is and match this up to some Dream Theater

  9. Seen a lot of these type of panda videos. Are they really this goofy by nature? If so what’s the reason behind their goofy behavior?

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