Every morning this senior dog waits for her friend during his daily walks

  1. If I were 90 year old. I would fuckn make the effort and look forward to make the walk just to see doggo daily. Great wholesome motivation.

  2. I have the honour of meeting a 13 year old Staffordshire Terrier 4 days a week; she only gets excited when she's had her post breakfast treat and meeting me at the front door each morning. Even though she's deaf and struggling to see, it makes my existence worth sticking about for her.

  3. That seems like it’s the old man growling back at the dog, it looks like he had throat cancer or a tracheotomy.

  4. My old pug mix is at the point where his tail is down most of the time, but whenever my husband or I come home, he'll get his little cinnamon roll curled and wagging for a minute or two while we say our hellos 😊

  5. Download Pikmin Bloom. It's a dumb mobil game where you just walk around in and plant virtual flowers and collect fruit. It's insane how effective it has been in making me want to walk.

  6. My dog does it too, but thankfully she’s wagging so hard she’s bending in half when she does it so it’s pretty obvious she’s happy to see you.

  7. When I was a kid we had a neighbor dog that would do this and also bare teeth. So many walkers were afraid of her, but it was her way of greeting and she was so sweet.

  8. There's a dog in my building I run into like 3 times a week. The owner said "you're like his best friend. He cries when he passes your door and I didn't realize he does it become you live there until last week.." I'm not crying, you're crying...

  9. Omg this is the epitome of wholesome! I love it, thank you for sharing these 2 precious souls with us.

  10. On my bad days I just whistle and my neighbors dog comes running over full zoomies black lab sweetest girl ever, makes my whole day just seeing her flop around asking for belly scratches! Pup brings happiness and in return the best people bring happiness to the pup..

  11. I swear golden retrievers are the nicest dog when I see my friends. She greets me so happy even though I don’t see much. She always does that low down butt wiggle and little howl.

  12. I think the older gentleman also started walking over a bit faster when she got up to say hi. So freaking sweet and I bet it makes both of their days!!

  13. This is so freaking cute! But please, people, when you love your sweet old doggie, don't love them with lots of extra food. You can tell its really tough on her old joints to stand with all the extra weight. Chubby animals are so cute, and can be healthy! But with older animals with joint problems, show them love by making sure they're comfy in their bodies 💕

  14. I LOVE old dogs! My heart dog was old already when I adopted her. They’re just the best.

  15. This is heartwarming and heartbreaking. My elderly parents lost their dog recently. It wasn’t a surprise, he was really really old, but my mum still counts the days since he passed and looks at pictures.

  16. Goldens are by far one of the best friends of humans. Of course there are, no doubt others. However, I have yet to meet an unfriendly golden. We have 2 in my neighbourhood, and, once you have petted them with the owners consent, they will come and see you on your property if the leash is long enough. They love people and seem to scent the goodness in each individual. Sure wished I could have had one when younger. Unfortunately, most of the family is untolerent to animal hairs of just about any species.oh well, maybe in another life...😇

  17. Man this looks just like a neighborhood I lived in when I resided Colorado. What a good pupper and I’m sure the neighbor loves it too.

  18. It's interesting how some dogs make a growling noise while expressing affection or during play. I work at a dog day care and it always throws me off when I dog expresses happiness like this. But once you learn their personality, it becomes very endearing :)

  19. Omg this is killing me. Mostly from love, but this was totally my old doggo’s last year. She hurt, but she loved life and loved people. I couldn’t let her go while she was loving it all so much. Eventually, I knew she needed relief… she couldn’t get up when the vet came for the at-home euthanization, but gosh, she got excited to see him even… tail was going nuts lol. Sigh. I loved that dog so much, it’s crazy. Old dogs are amazing.

  20. I’m pretty close with my neighbor it’s dog as well. We don’t get to see each other everyday, so it’s extra awesome when I get to see her.

  21. Both dog and human are basically the same age and have the same reaction. Love and motivation to see each other.

  22. My senior dog has senior human friends. He has three of them. One of the senior men meets my dog for the first time every time he sees him. But my dog remembers his scent (he’s blind) so the senior man with dementia says “oh he really likes me.” And I say “yes, he knows you’re a good person” this happens 1-2 times per week.

  23. Just a PSA. You can adopt elderly dogs like this. Usually it’s elderly folks who have either passed or are unable to take care of them anymore.

  24. There’s a cat in my neighborhood that does this to everyone and yet I still feel so special when he walks to meet me.

  25. i can't tell if it's the dog or old man but someone sure sounds like a minecraft villager in this video.

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