Any theorys about what's in there ?

  1. They aren't Gyroids. They are the remains of people who drank the coffee too cold. He curses them in his dark ritual. Than comes the player...taking their fragments and watering them in the unholy revival. The gyroids: the ungrateful undead, forever dancing to his will. All hail Brewster, Barista till eternity 😭

  2. A bathroom doubling as a breakroom complete with a pasta stained microwave and a security window that will only open 2 inches.

  3. Full of battery pigeons with rubber hoses attached to their tiny birds breasts. Where is PETA when you need them? I’ll tell you. Drinking organic pigeon milk lattes!

  4. This is Brewster’s Cafe aka the coffee shop. Not sure when you get it, but you can Google or come visit mine.

  5. Gyroids. I have the theory he uses your buried fragments to make new ones every day when no one’s around. He then places the complete ones in the holes.

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