My new island entrance on Leetlebean courtesy of all the new items! If you want the full experience, turn sound on ;)

  1. Not yet, the rest of the island is a WIP but you can follow that progress on my insta @welcometoleetlebean. I’ll also be posting the DA there when I release it

  2. Once you make a certain number of purchases(?) in HHP, you can actually order any of the items you’ve unlocked thus far.

  3. This is probably a stupid question, but is the first person perspective just walking around in handheld camera mode?

  4. You’re exactly right, it’s the handheld camera and I turned off the camera guide so no buttons were in the way :)

  5. Thank you! It’s just the medieval building side in the ivory colour, just lots and lots of those I’ve been collecting and then piling them on cliffs to give the perception of buildings

  6. Hey, it’s all gravy. Throw down a cliff or two, plant some flowers, plant some trees on those cliffs, add some shrubs, a pathway and some benches, maybe a few waterfalls, BOOM! Stylin and profilin! People have absolutely rocked the short entrance game. You can do it too!

  7. It kind of is if you use the hand held camera mode, that’s the closest you get but you can’t turn corners with it, it’s always facing one way

  8. Thank you! And it’s no lag at all, I’m only using custom pathing around the edges of the building and I’m trying to keep it clutter free of items so it’s movable, so no lag

  9. It’s called K.K.Condor! And I’d love to but the rest of my island is still a WIP :) you can follow updates as I go on the insta @welcometoleetlebean

  10. It's based on a song called El Humahuaqueño. This type of music is called Música Andina and it's originally from Peru, Ecuador, and southern Colombian cities.

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