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  1. i don’t think there is a worst album for Angels & Airwaves. i love that every album has its vibe, story, and sound. my favorite however is probably Love Parts 1&2

  2. I think a huge part of why people don’t like Love Part 2 is that it sounds too much like Love Part 1. But isn’t that the point? That’s why it was a continuation of the first album and not it’s own thing. So I think people that look at LOVE as one album love part 2, but people who look at each part separately don’t seem to like Part 2 as much

  3. One thing I don't understand is how people seem to simmply ignore We are all tha we are considering it's the only guitar solo that Tom has ever done.

  4. Right?!?! That song is fucking beautfiul and an amazing closer, I would say second best of the band right behind Heaven. And yeah that is very true, that’s his only real guitar solo. Overload and Automatic both have guitar solos as well but I believe both were made by Ilan, so yeah I think WAATWA is Toms only true solo!

  5. Perfectly stated. Love 2 is a continuation of Love. You can’t have one without the other. I personally like Love 2 better than Love 1 as a whole because it’s much more intricate, but Clever Love, Hallucinations, Young London, and Soul Survivor are absolute bangers to me. Individually each album is beautiful in its own way.

  6. Love part 2 is phenomenal and I think it would be regarded completely differently if the two were switched, but that’s kind of the point. It’s not meant to stand out on its own, it’s a double album for a reason. I’m just glad they went that route instead of just the first part because we would’ve missed out on some truly beautiful, inspiring songs. Love 1 & 2 is my favorite album(s) of all time though so I’m biased.

  7. Considering that part 2 started off as basically just a few b-sides from part 1 that Tom was originally going to just release as an EP, then decided to pad out into another album, of course it’s going to sound similar to part 1.

  8. I think this is why I don't like part 2, yet part 1 is my favorite album. Part 1 is a masterpiece meant to stand on its own. Part 2 was an afterthought created just for the sake of having a part 2. It started as a few leftover demos from part 1 like Surrender and Behold a Pale Horse, and the rest was hastily written to make a full album while Tom was also recording and touring with blink, and it shows.

  9. I love Surrender, Anxiety and My Heroine. As a whole though, I thought the album sounded so much better as an instrumental

  10. I remember watching the AVA movie (forgetting the name) in the theater and afterwards they played the anxiety music video. It was awesome.

  11. Part 2 is one of my favorite AVA albums. It was also a nice surprise because he said he would release 2 more songs and instead gave us an entire album.

  12. Who feels this way about the album? This shit went harder than Empire, imo. Opens up with “Saturday love”, epic tunes like “the revelator” and “inertia”, and closes with Tom actually soloing in “we are all that we are.” Incredible closer and the solo HITS. Fantastic album

  13. I LOVE Part 2! (See what i did there hehe) But I think I-Empire tops it for me. I love Saturday Love, but the chorus kinda always loses me a bit. Call to Arms on the other hand I think is AVAs best opener! But I will say We Are All That We Are is either AVAs number one or number two closer along with Heaven.

  14. I sadly can’t agree with you there haha. I definetly do understand why people wouldn’t like that album. Compared to the 4 albums before it, it’s definitely much more compressed and the lyrics for many of the songs are kinda hard to interpret. Also just a much different tone. But Tom was going for dream-sounding/garage rock sound and that’s what it is so I think they did a good job on it. Songs like Tunnels, Teenagers and Rituals, The Disease, Mercenaries, and Anomaly stick out to me.

  15. It’s also my least favorite. Still love everything Tom has done and I think it’s a pretty solid album overall, it just doesn’t do it for me. My favorite is Love 1&2 as well

  16. I can agree with that! Although I think Lifeforms is pretty popular among fans. Specifically people who worship blink I think love Lifeforms and WDNTW but don’t really care much about the rest of the albums. I like Lifeforms but it lacks an overall tone which I personally look for in albums. But i’m aware many people like their albums to be diverse so I think it’s just based on preference haha

  17. My Alexa won't play love part 1 or 2 (I pay for unlimited music and works on my phone fine) says she cant fine them, which is so flipping annoying cos I love the outro and intro mixes on these albums and want it booming the house down. Moon as my witness into dry your eyes 👌👌 I find my inner peace at listening to this. Saturday love, surrender anxiety revelator ahh just love these albums

  18. I think it leans too hard into the 80s space rock and new wave cliches that the first three records did such a good job subverting. It's clear that Tom was running out of steam on that sound, given that the band shifted gears hard after that. That said, I still prefer it to Dream Walker and Lifeforms most days

  19. the love albums aren't bad, they just have an atmosphere of someone telling the same joke twice, it's still funny but not as much as the first time.

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