Are Tom's lyrics about anything?

  1. I tried to write down and explain each record. But, it s really complex. There is a definite theme to each record, that is for sure. Best I can say is, listen to each one,track by track, and read along with the lyrics, then things will start to make sense.

  2. Tbh I always thought some of his lyrics were more like sound effects than actual meaning I used to get high and listen to I Empire all the time and that was the shit lol

  3. I asked Tom what that line meant “Black dark star tire divide” at a meet and greet during the i-empire tour (in 07 I think). His response “it’s a secret” 😆

  4. Smoke some weed. Shrooms. Whichever you prefer. Lay down and close your eyes. Let it all sink in and feel it through your soul. You'll get it. Haha

  5. This is a very interesting topic because I’ve wondered this a lot myself. I wouldn’t call Tom an excellent lyricist, but I do think he has a very unique way of writing his lyrics where he tries to convey more of a general emotion rather than being specific. I feel like he leads the listener down a path, which eventually leads off into several different directions where you can find your own meaning.

  6. This is great. In my comment I said that “black scar tire divide” is you being so fed up you speed away from everything and the tire mark is you dividing yourself from what you’re running from

  7. I think all AVA albums touch on consciousness, but I wouldn't say that Lifeforms is primarily about consciousness. To me it tells the story of a troubled girl from the perspective of someone in a tumultuous relationship with her, with a few social commentary and consciousness-focused songs mixed in.

  8. Any recommended reading for consciousness? Every time I’ve tried to delve into it, I find useless resources.

  9. I always found Tom’s lyrics to be open for interpretation by the listener. There are lyrics that meant something to me before, and then in the same song a whole different meaning from other lyrics. I always enjoyed that about AvA

  10. Sometimes I think he just picks words that rhyme and gives zero fucks for if it makes sense or not. I love Chasing Shadows, but the lyrics in the verse are just random sentences being thrown together. Some songs just have cringey lyrics, Rebel Girl for example. Also, Tom seems to really like ghosts. Someone should count how many of his songs mention a ghost.

  11. Rebel Girl is one of the most straight forward songs AVA has. It's a love song. It makes a lot of sense when you have the feeling to pair it with and it is really nice.

  12. The coolest thing about Chasing Shadows and the instrumentals and such from Dream Walker are directly connected to the Poet Anderson books, and are actually designed to be listened to while reading the book(s)!

  13. Ghosts are completely related to the alien phenomenon. If you research the hitchhiker effect you’l see that many that have interactions with UFOs or the broader phenomenon wake up in the middle of the night to shadow figures, some have visitations from dead relatives and some have demonic wolf like creatures visit them- wolves being another reference in his music. Look into the book ‘skinwalkers at the pentagon’ if you have any interest, a book written by renowned CIA folk working for black programs in the pentagon. I mean fuck- all his music bar the odd exception is based on the phenomenon, and I got to say I’m a little shocked how little AVAs fan base realise this. I could write an essay on all the songs with references..

  14. I’ve always loved tremors because the lyrics are about getting off to your partners orgasms. In toms words, it’s sexy. I just love the line “meet me here half way across elation”. On top of the instrumentation behind it, it’s an underrated song tbh

  15. What? Literally what!? Soul Survivor is amazing in its beauty and simicity. It's simply conveying Tom's core message that everything is connected, magic and endless. And that's both beautiful and scary as fuck.

  16. Soul survivor is about a soldier that got left behind right? I remember hearing the demo named "open water" and the lyrics were way more blunt about it.

  17. I can’t believe people can’t see that pretty much everything from Love onwards is based on either the phenomenon or consciousness. I mean the guy has practically dedicated his life to this stuff- it should be obvious it’s not about teenage girl drama bullshit. Someone said he likes to talk about ghosts- if you listen to Tom ghosts are linked with the phenomenon, ever researched the hitchhiker effect? Pretty freaky stuff.

  18. Most AVA fans will tell you they do in their own way but as a later fan who didn’t drink the ridiculous kool-aid - no. Toms lyrics have always been fucking silly, even his most serious heart felt lyrics have moments of just “im sorry - what?!” To them. Theres literally videos from the dream walker recordings of him coming up with lyrics and Ilan looking at him like he’s nuts. I truly believe he goes for what he thinks sounds good over making any actual sense or being any good. After all this is the man who brought you “the ice is really cold” and “i think I like today. I think it’s good.”

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