1. Starting to get a bit tiresome now. Love Tom and back every single thing he does but these empty announcements never amount to anything.

  2. Agreed. I get excited when most other musicians/bands tease announcements, but this obviously isn't going to be a tour/new music, so it's tough to get hype.

  3. He has to know that phrase has become such a joke coming from him right? He definitely reads the comments on his posts

  4. Absolutely nothing worth noting. I am a huge fan of AVA and Tom in general, but I have never paid a penny toward TTS and I am no worse off for it. Tom is a cool dude but he needs to chill with this clickbait shit

  5. I just got an email about a June 9th Webinar where Tom is going to try to convince people to invest. That’s probably what he was teasing.

  6. Oh brother. I wonder if he's ever going to reschedule the Q&A that the Empire Club members were supposed to have that got postponed? Or maybe this is just the replacement.

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