Upgrading from Google Hangouts to Google Chat

  1. Man the naming scheme Google uses for this shit is so annoying. We've got an app called "Google chat" and then we've got their implementation of RCS, which last I checked is literally just called "Chat" (which is hosted by their company Jibe and referred to as "Chat Features" in the messaging app) but of course just saying the name "chat" provides zero context as to what you're talking about so you have to either say "Google Chat" (sound familiar?) or be more specific and say something like "Google's Chat service" It's fucking ridiculous they named it like that.

  2. Same position? They would have bled 0 users and the same marketing to a brand new look for the app would have gotten them to compete with iPhone.

  3. Yeah but how would they have burned their messaging marketshare to the ground then, huh?

  4. been using it and find it annoying as hell its not changed much, and if you have multiple accounts its very annoying to swap between accounts.

  5. I don't know why anyone would even bother trying a new Google messaging app at this point. It's so far beyond the point of being a meme, it's just stupid now. Unless you like being shunted around every few years, just abandon ship at this point until they can get their act together. Especially when there's such strong competition in the space.

  6. Chat works with kids accounts and doesn't need a phone number. Plus its web based and doesnt need your phone. It's a much better replacement than text message, or most of the other newer chat platforms.

  7. Same here, going all the way back to Google Talk. We switched to Discord since she already used it for gaming with her friends.

  8. 2024: We have released "Google Hangouts" which is a platform where you can hang out with your friends, say nothing, and just scroll other apps on your phone

  9. Nice, I'll let my group know on Chat. Better text the wife on Messages. I'll call Fred up on Voice. Better use Gmail to email my family. Wonder if Mike wants to video call about it on Duo. Better notify the team with Google Meet. Let's chat with friends on Allo....oh wait.

  10. Man, I actually really liked allo when it was out. Had some cool features that I still haven't seen on messaging apps since

  11. Google Chat still has no group read receipts, the weird Spaces split took half of my group chats to Spaces, half are just individual chats, both operate differently.

  12. Most people I know moved to Slack a few years ago after Google initially announced Hangouts' deprecation. Nobody should be using Google's chat services if they want long-term stability.

  13. I've only ever used Google Chat as a way to have impromptu conversations with people in other groups or departments. It's like a real time email.

  14. I tried moving to chats, but I don't like it. The conversation layout is weird and the UI is not good. It's just not as great as hangouts. This is quite sad as I've been using hangouts since 2013

  15. Right? Even if they just copied Google messages UI like media select it would make such a difference. I just don't get Google anymore.

  16. We moved to signal with the family. It has chat, voice and video in 1 app which is important for us.

  17. Unfortunately I'll never know if it's any good, I gave up trying to convince people to constantly switch to the next Google messaging app, everyone I know just uses Signal now

  18. Was just forced off hangouts finally. Chat's a dumpster fire. It won't even tell me on my phone when I get new replies.

  19. funny, i had the opposite problem, everytime i got a message i got two notifications, solved it by going to gmail and disabled notification from there

  20. We used Hangouts between our friends. When it was announced hangouts-as-it-was was going away, we switched to Discord.

  21. Me and the gf use hangouts solely for the penguin sticker emojis. They will have to Uninstall hangouts from our phones before we switch

  22. SAME! They are fantastic & the fact that they have kicked me off angers me to no end. They need to add the stickers back

  23. Having all conversations the same colour in the overview is a massive UX fail, they all blur into one. And WHO has all their contacts have a user photo?!

  24. Waddafk? W.e google keeps messing with their shit lol. Its like were a lab to them not a customer or user base.

  25. Google chat fucking sucks dick. Since I was forced to upgrade back in March I have only been successful in sending 10 messages in the past 3 days. Yesterday evening it started to fail sending messages again. The only way they're shitty chat service works is if I use the the built-in chat feature in the Gmail browser. Fuck Google next phone I'm getting is an iPhone I'm done with their shitty services

  26. So migrating to chat was not painful. However, in hangouts, I could see how long some was idle (10 minutes, 9 hours, etc) With chat you are either active or idle. Is there some way to see how long a person has been idle like hangouts?

  27. Yep this was the push to stop messaging via Google products. From what I read they want to start charging for messaging. I believe they currently charge for Google meet already.

  28. where did you get that they want to charge for it? that's probably only for google workspace as you can use meet and chat for free

  29. If you're using Google's RCS, I think it's good enough, but sadly there are many RCS out there. My provider have their own RCS implementation which doesn't support end-to-end encryption and the file size limit is lower than Google's. It also seems to struggle to send/receive messages when using a VPN.

  30. Chat is terrible. Why do I have to install Google Drive just to view an image someone has posted? Hangouts didn't require this.

  31. Google Chat needs to add high quality images, and multi image send. Also high quality video sharing. And maybe a speed boost to make it feel smooth.

  32. I’m an iPhone user but can some please explain to me what Hangouts/Google Chat actually is. Is it just a messaging where I need to actually add others similar to WhatsApp and Signal? Or is it just the default texting app on android similar to iMessage where if I have your phone number it will send you an SMS or a message?

  33. Hard to answer 'what' it is. Google has fucked with the name and the product so many times. That's the joke. See this comment -

  34. It's just a messaging platform where you need to add others. It uses your Google contacts. It's not tied to phone numbers.

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