If I were to start now , how long before I could read Homer ?

  1. Get a copy of Pharr 'Reading Homeric Greek'. There are free PDF's available. You'll be reading the Iliad very quickly. It'll be slow as hell but that's what you'll be doing.

  2. Once you have a good grasp of Attic Greek, Hoemr is actually fairly easy (as long as you have a good vocab list to consult; otherwise you spend more time a dictionary than you do reading Homer).

  3. It took me about two years of school lessons before I was handling genuine Homer in classes, but we'd focused almost entirely on Attic Greek before then. Since Homer's syntax is relatively simple, you don't need as strong of a grasp on the grammar to deal with Homer as you do to deal with e.g. Demosthenes. The biggest issue most people have when dealing with Homer for the first time is all of the new vocabulary, in comparison to Attic Greek, however if you chose to focus on Homeric Greek from the beginning, this wouldn't be such a big deal.

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