Opinion | Is Capitalism Killing Conservatism?

  1. That's a long wall of text, but just as (almost) always with nyt completely meaningless. Definitions are changed on the fly, cause and effect ignored, fancy words are used, but they don't come together into senseful sentences. Capitalism is somehow opposite to families and having children (just like that, without explanation, not to mention proof). But biggest of all is probably Definition of conservatism. It doesn't use modern usa or European one, nor even reformation or middle age times, it uses dark age times Definition for conservatism.

  2. Native-born white Americans have been below replacement levels since around 2016. The cause has long been known. Over 58% of white women now go to college and the percentage has steadily increased every year for decades, despite declines for other demographics. It isn't becoming more educated that's the problem, it's the unrealistic expectation that for a white woman from a wealthy background, having a career should take precedence over having a family. There is a biological truth that it is easier for women to have children in their late teens and early twenties, at the same time when our current education system is telling them to go to college and start a career. The longer a woman waits to have a child the less likely she will ever have one, and the lower the number she will have in total.

  3. In a word, NOPE. Capitalism is what is driving a $22 Trillion economy and there are more conservatives than liberals/progressives/ Democrats. Biden was elected with lest that 35% of eligible voters voting. Methinks that the failures of the Biden Administration and the Democrats will bring more conservatives out to vote

  4. The NYT isn't qualified to talk about economics, capitalism, or conservatism, since they don't know shit about any of those subjects.

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