"NooOoooO tRump Guuud!!!1!1"

  1. I know everyone is talking about fent. The big thing that would give me a pause here are people that are falsely accused of drug trafficking. How many people will be “caught”?

  2. And how long would it take before Fent hysteria was used by the same forces at hand to further demonize drugs like LSD, or Psilocybin mushrooms when (at least I know for a fact LSD) neither have caused a single overdose. Ever.

  3. Except he didn’t call for the death penalty for drug dealers. He made a statement about countries that have it and it’s effect. Calling for it is different. Certainly he was indicating taking a much tougher stance against high level drug traffickers.

  4. but that never ever happens…..dont you remember trump wanted to classify mexican drug cartels terrorist organizations which would allow their processing facitilities smuggling infrastructure warehouses safe houses etc etc could be bombed by predator drones 24/7/365 the entire washington establishment lobbyists senators kids andrew cuomo all flipped out…..trump was messjng with their underground economy and black budgets

  5. But why would he say that "countries that have no drug problem are the once who got death penalty on drugs", then i guess our next question would be "and???". well he didnt say anything more but its obvious what he was thinking, if he wasnt think that thats a good idea then he definitily should explain what his point was.

  6. I am onboard with entertaining the death penalty for fentanyl dealers who sell it under the pretense that it is heroin, Xanax, OxyContin, etc. knowing that their customers are going to be OD-ing.

  7. id agree as soon as mitch mcconnell bill clinton and the bush dynasty are all strapped in that bench waiting for their hot shot

  8. I’m good with a full blown holocaust for human traffickers. Drug dealers however are not violating any rules of consent.

  9. Fentanyl dealers are massively violating the NAP. Fentanyl is overwhelmingly being sold as cut with stuff under the pretense that it is actually heroin, or else it is being pressed into pills to appear to be Xanax, OxyContin, etc.

  10. Hey, marketing dept. here. Holocaust is a little specific and has connotations that are a tiiinnnyyy bit contentious, might we be able to go with trafficker-genocide? Trafficercaust? Pretty-much-anything-caust?

  11. Disgruntled families of drug buyers shouldn’t be restricted from murdering their family members drug dealer. If the state stepped off the problem would fix itself. Lord knows the police aren’t going to help.

  12. Legalize em, all of them. It’s not the governments job to tell people what to do with their bodies. If people wanna smoke a joint, fine, it doesn’t affect me. If people wanna do crack, fine, it doesn’t affect me either.

  13. my problem with death penalty is its not fairly applied we know that…too many detectives going for the brass ring too many cops planting evidence etc etc….i saw a cop searching guy i know car and watched him pull a bag of coke and drop it on the floor….my cuzin was on the job then and was off duty and went over to cop who pulled the bag out of his pocket and told him that no less than 8 people saw him do it….thats how easy you get 6 hours overtime and once your processed its your word against an officer of the law…thats not an officer thats a criminal but he will never be touched bcause most peepl dont want to believe that peepl like that exist and have a badge

  14. I disagree with death penalty since it violates the constitution known as 8th amendment. Cruel and unusual punishment shall not be inflicted...

  15. I do, some acts are unforgivable and the people who commit them should be punished. Fucked if my tax money is going to used to keep them in prison forever

  16. Trump said something stupid when he was president. I'm very concerned about my pocketbook right now. Actual things a president is doing, it doesn't compare to empty words. Who cares what a former president said that had no impact?

  17. Fentanyl dealing violates the NAP and it’s s rampantly killing people who don’t know what they’re buying (often being told it is heroin, Xanax, OxyContin, etc. that they’re buying). I understand that prohibition makes these black market problems more prevalent, but people who sell fentanyl under false pretenses to addicts are absolutely violating the NAP and killing people; there is a legitimate case that this can warrant the death penalty (not a case I’m specifically making).

  18. As much as I (and just about everyone with an ounce of humanity) wish fentanyl never existed, if someone WANTS to do fentanyl, they have the right; HOWEVER, I am on the same page that those cutting drugs with fentanyl and not making that known to their customers is fraud that most of the time results in death, and is henceforth premeditated murder. Those people ought to be hanged by the neck until dead.

  19. This is the worst thing you can find about trump, which arguably isn’t even bad. Meanwhile I’ve been watching hunter run around naked all day tugging on his fucking ding-dong and weighing out crack rocks.

  20. No, it's not. The state intervening and forcing people to take something they don't want to is not "auto-correcting" that's called state intervention.

  21. the problem with drug dealers is it is too easy to fake and its clear that the government has done so many times

  22. I’d agree for things like heroin or fentanyl. I also believe things like vicodin, morphine, codeine, oxycodone, etc. should be completely legal and behind the counter (the same as pseudoephedrine).

  23. I’m surprised to see that anarchists think death penalty for murderous criminal acts is a bad thing. Sure, we can’t trust the state with that power, but ask yourself: if your kid died of a drug overdose, and you knew who sold him the drugs, you really just going to let it go? I can tell you that the only thing that might (probably wouldn’t, still) prevent me from exercising the death penalty would be the state protecting the criminal by claiming a monopoly on violence. How many drug dealers would be taken out if the so-called “justice” system wasn’t denying the right of revenge to their victim’s fathers? Goes doubly for sex traffickers and pedos. Effectively, the state protects these scum by pretending forgiveness of such evil is virtuous. Without the state in the way, drug dealers would all die very quickly.

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