Mega SD or Mega Everdrive Pro - which one is best?

  1. Both devices are almost identical, but I find the MegaSD to be the better cart because of MD+, which isn't supported on the Everdrive. It is a true 1:1 Mega Drive/Genesis version of the SNES' MSU1 format and far superior to the Everdrive's "MSU-MD". The MegaSD supports MSU-MD, though.

  2. After some research I found them both nearly identical for most people, but the extra 50$ for the Mega SD is a lot for nothing.

  3. They're basically 98% the same device with a few small differences that you would never even think about unless you knew to compare them against each other. For me, it's pretty hard to justify the extra $70 for the MegaSD. Also, the Sega CD audio playback on the Mega Everdrive Pro might be a hair more accurate, if that kind of thing matters to you.

  4. I feel like Terraonion gave up on the Mega SD, no updates, no restock. I belive probably the MED PRO sales are crushing it. Especially due to the huge price difference and the recent advantages of the MED pro. I don't like the shady way Terraonion do business charging expensive shipping from Andorra (probably to avoid taxes?), and also that shitty firmware update with serial number tied to it. In the future if they close down, abd you lose your firmware file you're screwed up. You won't be able to download the firmware from alternative repositories.

  5. They pay taxes but less. They think spain's taxes are too high so they moved to andorra which is literally minutes away from spain. The problem for the consumer is andorra isnt in the EU so the buyer must pay import taxes on top of the delivery.

  6. Considering Mega SD sales are at zero (since they haven't restocked in who knows how long...) I'd say your statement is quite accurate.

  7. I love the Mega SD and have used it since day one. The extra perks of the Mega Everdrive Pro are nice, but they weren’t enough for me to justify another flash cart for my Genesis. Both are quality products though, you can’t go wrong with either.

  8. I went back and forth and ultimately ended up going with the MED Pro due to being cheaper and having limited NES compatibility. Being able to play Doom and Doom II on my Genesis is nice bonus as well.

  9. I own a MegaSD, but the Mega Everdrive Pro didn’t exist at the time. Given the opportunity to buy either again I would go with the MEP. Why? It’s cheaper and aesthetically I think it looks nicer, plus the MEP goes on sale during Black Friday. The extra features the Mega SD has aren’t compelling enough to justify the price difference IMO. All the 32XCD games are terrible.

  10. I don't own the Mega SD, I have the Everdrive Pro, but the Everdrive Pro is amazing. The only feature from the Mega SD I wish I had was that if you buy a seperate adapter (which is in its final run) the SD can do 32X-CD games where the Everdrive cannot. That said, there are only a few of them and the regular Sega CD versions are playable on the Everdrive so I'll live.

  11. There were only six of them, if I recall correctly. James Rolfe summed up CD 32X games in this quote from 2007:

  12. Your concept is wrong. FXPAK PRO is based on a open source project, that's not a exclusive Krikzz product, the person who provides software updates For the sd2snes project is Ikari, not Krikzz (even though he's s contributor) so the reason there's a community developing for it is because it's open source . MED PRO in the other hand is not open source and there's no community developing for it.

  13. That's not because of krikzz btw, though he does seem to engage positively with other makers like the doom port for the mega everdrive

  14. You won't be disappointed with either model. I own the Mega Everdrive Pro and I love it.

  15. Mega SD is amazing, I bought it after happily owning a Mega Everdrive X5 and needing to upgrade for the Sega CD library. I’m sure Everdrive Pro is great as well.

  16. I chose the Everdrive because I don't like that the Mega SD requires keyed firmware updates so in the instance that the company goes away I would not be able to update it. I also think Krikzz is more open with stuff you can do on his device despite the TerraOnion offering being the more powerful hardware. Oh also I hate the UI look on the TO devices but thats totally just opinion.

  17. The additional price add for the TerraOnion is a huge cost too. I'm inclined to stay with Krikzz, but sure would like to extra bells & whistles!

  18. I can't comment on which is better as I only own the Mega Everdrive, but I'd just like to say that I own like 6 different Everdrives, some of which are pretty old, and they are an absolute top notch product. I'm sure there's other good products, but Everdrive is my go to based on ownership

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