Why do the gods ask for blood ?

  1. From what I understand it’s to feed the earth as it howls with pain, always crying for human blood for relief. Originally it was in pain because the earth was a god, the great cayman, ripped in half to make the heavens and the dirt. Now I think it’s cries in pain for the ways we have poisoned and abused it.

  2. The gods sacrificed themselves and spilled their own blood to create us humans and ensure life prospers on earth. So we do it as a sacred debt repayment, spilling our own blood in the fashion of the gods, as a way to thank them. They nurture us, so we in turn nurture them.

  3. The Teteo were given other offerings, not just blood. It could be shrines, art, dance, poetry, food, puppets of the Teotl, etc. and these were offerings made very frequently and dare I say more frequently than blood.

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