Lobby names no longer match player names?

  1. This isn't going to stop roleplay lobbies and people with inappropriate names to exist. It just covers it up with really weird names. It actually makes it worse for people who want to play normal games, modded games or other gamemodes like ShiftAndSeek. People could accidentally stumble into inappropriate/roleplay lobbies without knowing. This hardly announced update(I looked everywhere through Twitter and couldn't find anything) also explains why people join Polus lobbies and spam /n and /n r everywhere. It annoyed me and my friend group, because none of us had any idea what was going on and what made them think that our lobby could potentially be a TOH lobby. I don't even want to join any lobbies anymore, because my mind tells me "These are untrustworthy names. You should avoid these lobbies".

  2. I mean, they do already put restrictions on such names and also ban those people, if reported. But everyone can just try to bypass any name-restrictions that are being added.

  3. It really does feel like it! It doesn't stop people from naming themselves like this, it just covers these lobbies and normal players can accidentally stumble into those lobbies.

  4. Sadly it's part of the update. Unless things change soon interest in the game is going to dwindle off into nothing and nobody will want to play it anymore.

  5. I can hardly get myself to join any public lobbies because of this. My mind keeps telling me that lobbies with these names are not normal and therefore untrustworthy and that I should avoid them.

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