We need to talk about this.

  1. Yeah this is really a problem, the game developers need to look into this. It’s a joke that peoples solution is to create private lobbies with friends and say it’s your own fault for jointing a public game, playing on public servers should be a normal option like it is for every other game

  2. I have gotten one persons Snapchat from this game and we’ve been great friends for 3 years now and play Among Us daily. Never again will I want someone’s snap because she was a very rare find that my gf and I absolutely love having in our life :)

  3. This is why you shouldn’t play in public lobbies if you value your sanity, play in private lobbies with voice chat (preferably with friends, but public Discord servers for this purpose also exist)

  4. What if you have no friends, you want to play, but your friends have no time or what if you don't have enough friends to start a proper game?

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