Americas Card Room Rigged?

  1. The very idea of inconsistent variance is the definition of rigged. I dont agree or disagree with what you've said, it was well said to say the least however, variance as I understand it is completely random. If its altered by a human or computer program that is the very nature of rigged. When I suffer a bad runout at my poker room I cant bank on a premium hand coming 1 or 2 hands later. If i could bank on that, it would have to be the result of either magic, or rigging. Respectfully.

  2. 100 percent rigged, for the unlucky chosen. Some sort of alg or code they can adjust to make you win or lose etc. Sure you can lose AA vs 94off, but all the fucking time? Just to clarify I've played on there for many years and about a year ago I made it up to the 16.50 tourneys once a day and did real good at first... got top 20 the first 3 times I played it.. then they changed my alg and i haven't been able to win since.... I'm just done there now.... a few days ago I had AA vs AA lost of course, you think I chopped? This happens every tourney I play in now or something very similar. If your a streamer or known pro i'm sure they don't fuck with you but the average joe, watch out. Never deposted, made all my money from freerolls on up,,,, till they decided to change my algorithm. It's also magical how on the bubble monster hands appear from the abyss suddenly to knock pep out at the exact same fucking time each day for the same tourneys..... its like a schedule that has to keep on time lol.... like shouldn't some times it take an extra hour or two to make the money... whatever this is for just the pep that aren't getting fucked like me really.

  3. I used to play a lot before black friday and did ok. Almost won TLB on stars one time, highlight of my life, yes I'm pathetic. Anyway, back then I sucked at BR management and got a real job with bennies since I have 4 kids. Now that I am trying to wade back in since my kids are older and mostly leaving the nest, I have been playing on Global, Ignition, and ACR. Up on Ignition and Global, down on ACR over the last 3 years. I have noticed the runouts definitely seem to be non normal. As well as all the crappy calls. My complete guess is bots. If you were actually not in the US, why in the world would you be playing on ACR anyway? I am dying to get back to a big enough roll to go somewhere and play some stars and PP.

  4. Not rigged. I’ve been playing on there for a while now and I’m a winning tournament player who faces terrible beats regularly. Actually lost with AA to TJ pre flop in a tourney this morning it’s part of the game and online it happens much more frequently because of the increased number of hands seen compared to live poker.

  5. when you say if you play well, what does that mean? I play a little lose early (when the blinds are small), then extremely tight late until I make the money. I also mix it up depending on the player, when I play this way (live) it works. I've been watching tons of videos on online poker and people keep saying to stay away from ACR but it is the only site that is available to me, especially when the pandemic happened. I see players "sharkscopes" and they are usually up $3-4k or down $3-4k and the only normal graphs are the ones I know are real people because they chat.

  6. 100% the most rigged site available right now. Anyone have any better alternatives? AMC algorithm is horse shit

  7. I have never seen so many bad beats like I see on ACR. I have lost to so many 2 or 3 outers on the river. I have won many tournaments on PokerStars and partypoker. Played earlier today on ACR and lost 5 tournaments on the river to a 2 or 3 outer. Utg called a 4 bet all in with A6 and beat my AA with river 4 card straight. He actually 5 bet to get rid of the other 2 players who folded. My stack was 45bb. He had no business being in the hand. This is just one example of countless ones ive seen and been a part of. Anyone who says that ACR is 100% honest is full of shit.

  8. played about 500 mtts with an inverse all in equity on WPN / ACR. I've played about 20k mtts on all sites total and never experienced all in equity completely opposite to expected. It's pretty odd I run close to expectation on all the regulated websites but WPN there happens to be a "bad run"

  9. It’s just variance and the high number of hands you play online that makes you think online poker is rigged. No matter what site you play on you’ll encounter everything you’ve mentioned above. You also need to learn about ice and understand that on the bubble to an all in no matter what just fold. Like raise aces to 3-3.5Bb instead of hard jamming and then assess the runout as you continuation bet and understand when your beat. You’ll lose less and make more by playing your premiums like suited connectors late tourney. I personally subscribe to the gold everything unless your on the button or cutoff

  10. Man said to fold to an all in no matter what on the bubble 😂 you don’t get 1st place very often huh? Or even final table much huh? Horrible method. Giving people dumbass advice

  11. Another thing that is fishy but could be legit is the number of players that are up $5-6k and are still playing the lower limits for some reason. Shouldn't they be moving up? I know it could be they withdrew the money but its just doesn't seem right. If I was up that much on this site, I would move up the rank. Also, the tournaments almost never cover the GTD. How do they cover all the tourneys GTD? It just another thing that is weird about ACR. Although it did cover a few times and miraculously I won that tournament. That is hell of a coincidence, twice btw.

  12. I’ve tried playing this site three different times depositing a couple hundred bucks and playing micro tournaments every time. Like you said, towards a money jump or the Bubble it will give you a spot you can’t fold for mountains of chips and you will lose. Everytime. I play loose early and build a huge stack then towards the end crushed on stupid shit. My name is spli10wigzz on there in real life I’m top 500 in Colorado for live cashes. Probably much higher because majority of wins are not reported by casino.

  13. It’s crazy because I have gone on runs of sick scores $9.5k $4k 3k 875 and venom ticket then I can run cold but it all about how many hands you play and knowing when to fold a big hand knowing you could be beat by flush or straight. Aka TheRainMan

  14. 100 percent rigged just lost two spots in a row where I had him 1.8 percent after flop and went runner runner to let the other guy win

  15. There is no doubt in my mind, that ACR is rigged. When I first joined I binked a tourney for about $4.5K and crushed the $16.5, $22, and $50 On Demand tourney's. However, once I started taking money of their site is when the unreal down swings began. This isn't normal variance. If it was I would at least be winning some, but all I do is lose when I'm way ahead and/or in spots late in tournaments. They can say I have the correct distribution of hands, but getting AA UTG all the time and everyone folding isn't correct. Also, every time I bluff the other person seems to call down with some weak hand, but when I have the nuts I get almost no action....

  16. I’m starting to believe it, especially at micro stakes. The roller coaster back and forth swings in a given hand are ridiculous. It’s like they do it for the cool sounds and animations can go off. It’s just nuts some of the stuff I’ve seen, most of which really seems to happen more to the US players.

  17. It's funny how one can say it's not rigged or insult someones play. Did you design the algorithm. The algorithm is designed by a person in which this case in a non regulated country. What more needs to be said. If one is actually up on these sites you should be playing the lottery cause like a casino it's designed to make money and keep you coming back. With more states approving regulated online poker these sites are going to capitalize as much as possible. Ive played on this along with Ignition and every time you win a little, you will loose double along with the amount of unrealistic bad beats so yes you are not the only one this happens to and yes the algorithms are adjusted especially more frequently if not regulated. The only suggestion is when you know your going to make the money stop playing, let blinds go until your deep enough and resume or dont cause either way it was designed for a certain outcome regardless, again its a non regulated software design which means it does not comply to any gaming commission. You will notice some players sitting out, that's why.... Ignore anyone else that says differently as either they have a horseshoe up their ass, the algorithm is set differently for that player which obviously some do have to win which is less than 5% or affiliated with the organizations.

  18. I got beat ahead of the flop 60% nearly all the time in the last few week or so, for all my chips, playing by the book and strong holdings, that would never improve. In fact, it was the trash hands with negative equity that magically straights and boats that would win. It was pretty ridiculous, to keep losing with top set in 2022?

  19. So Im here because I thought it was me, So my screen name on acr is Tkannon. Over the past few months I've had crazy bad beats that just don't make sense, a-a getting snap called 6 hours deep on a tourney they have 7-5 off and destroy me... once in a while i can understand, People are in different time zones and makes sense to me that after so long there like eff it and call or push. but ALL THE TIME AINT RIGHT!!! I've played poker since 2000, and in pokerstars and full tilt days i was a wining player !! I've won a tourney on stars and the first time i ever played the daily doubles on tilt (remember those) i got best avg cash in both! so in all them years your telling me that I've got way worse or people got that much better than me......... at what point is it not variance ???? go talk to all these streamer STORMERS which i have and not one of em say they see anything sus... like no shit your being paid by the company and unregulated company at that. im going maybe put one more 100 in and play the smallest stakes for pure Entertaiment! i moved recently and there is a casino 20 min from the house. I went and played for hours and came out 35 bucks up and seen nothing even compared to what i see on acr ! I'm at the point where i think im going do a few months recording my play ! off stream, then i'm going to go on twitch and play while streaming and see if I see any change!!! and if its bs the more people that come together and bring recognition to them if it is a scam and put these people in their place!!! would be great Tkannon7 on twitch I'm new but if you want to see the bs journey give me a follow (0 percent of this is trying to get my twitch up) i have a job lol !!!!!

  20. What you’re describing is exactly what happens/ has happened to me countless times and also why I came here, to see if anyone else had written about these weird experiences. I can’t even count how many times I’ve been deep in a MTT almost in the $ after there lame 4 hour late reg., get AA/ KK / AK, go all in w 40-60bb and get snap called by some idiot w 45-89s or a small pair only to get felted. I also see AK/ AQ / AJ/ A10 get beat by Arags when all in preflop way more than is realistic. WPN is a joke. 100% rigged/ setup for action. If you have played there for any amount of time, I don't see how you could say that it isn't.

  21. Agreed something is definitely fishy on Americas cardroom. It’s one thing to get sucked out of 50% of tournaments I play in. It’s another when it’s above 80%. Case in point I’m playing on it now and was just knocked out with KK vs KQ all in preflop. Another tourney I just lost in I had QQ was all in preflop with guy call off 3/4 of his stack with 67 off suit. And he flops a set?? Only 20 more player until $. Been happening everyday

  22. Well, when playing double deck blackjack. On two separate occasions when I have been dealt two aces, when I go to split them, the game freezes and kicks me out. This has happened to my friend several times as well. This to me looks like a rigged game that doesn't want to pay out.

  23. I have been on the worst run in the past 6 months. It seems almost impossible to cash on ACR and I am experiencing a lot of what the other players above have been stating. I was was running deep and final tabling for the 2years leading up to this awful run. I also feel that I am card dead a lot more and have been folding at a much higher percentage. The other problem that I see occurring often is that Brazilian and Portuguese players seem to win at a much greater percentage when all in even tho other players are way ahead. Has anyone else noticed this? Also with crypto crashing this year has to be affecting lots of poker players bankrolls, do you think this affects the sites algo's?

  24. I agree, the site is extremely suspicious and I have seen bad beat after bad beat. It's honestly shocking and makes me think the commenters are even behind this.

  25. This is a vernom ticket freeroll, with 50 tickets awarded. When there are about 130 players left, I was about 40th. I played super tight and folded all my hands except when I got KK. I just shove and got one caller with Qd8d. Flop has 2 d, and river came another one...

  26. Came here because the play I see on ACR is unlike any poker I've seen in 10+ years. People in the cash games calling huge turn bets with strong boards with practically no equity then getting there on the river to scoop. It's pretty crazy to play that way in bigger stakes.

  27. 100% rigged. If you run fine you can prob carve out a win rate or break even, but then their RNG will start hitting both players and you'll see yourself losing set over set all-in preflop, 80% of the time. And when you raise, they'll hit every gutshot with random shit. Only way to win on ACR is when all cards are dealt and you bluff catch or value bet and they call, straight up every all-in MTT is some retarded runout that hits both players every time to create suspense. Can't trust the site because if you're not known, they can cheat you without anyone knowing. Only the "ACR pros" win.

  28. I have played poker for over 25 years. You want to talk analytics. 90% of the time I get rivered on some ridiculous long shot flush or straight. Not even possible. Win or lose analytics are analytics

  29. It is definitely rigged short stack that has more money in their account always loses like every time even if I'm not short stack and I'm against someone that short stack I'm going to hit my drawers every f****** time it's an algorithm and it's b*******

  30. Poker players are biased in all sorts of ways. As much as I objectively try and remove myself from that bias...

  31. As long as the cards are not randomly dealt, it IS rigged. And if they can rig it in one way, they can do it in many other ways, not just running hot after deposit.

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