* cries in American*

  1. We've had this same conversation multiple times every time you call me some insult starting with Euro. The US is a much better place to live than pretty much anywhere in Europe, even the poorest states in the US like Mississippi, Louisiana and New Mexico can easily compete with the best that Europe has to offer.

  2. Europe isn't a country, it isn't a monolith. Taking the average of anything in Europe is stupid because you're including data from Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine etc and then using that diluted average.

  3. Please include something about riding a bicycle to work in January and having no central heating. Europe has the best one room, plug in heaters

  4. Contributing to humanity is such a weird notion. Like, only in the past 100 years has the idea of making meaningful contributions to human existance been a thing.

  5. Well this guy is an Italian living in the US. In his videos, he never once complained about living in the US, so I will assume this is satire and portrays how the basic Europeans see living in the US. So I don't think it has a place here

  6. I do not use Tiktok, and did not know it was satire. I have seen this video once or twice before, but still gives off "America Bad" intentions.

  7. Weird, I usually have eggs for breakfast with waffles and then drive 15 minutes to work and come home after 8 hours of work and 1 hour of state law required break, and none of my work comes home with me.

  8. Must be nice. I work 9 hours with an unpaid lunch break, if we have time. Of course, if things are bad enough I might have to stay for 10 or even 12 hours. They complain and write us up for having too much overtime, but they're the ones who'll fire us if we don't take it. What a world

  9. Incorrect. The bedroom is missing an AR-15 next to him and a Playboy on the nightstand. There should also be a glorious 5.7 V8 burbling in the background of him going to work.

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