Ordered a 5600 off Amazon and got this instead what do I do?

  1. Return it and explain what was delivered is not what was ordered. I ran into it from one of their other vendors in the past where they had the parts mislabeled at the distributor. What you'll need to do is return for refund them order it again but from a different supplier because if you just get a replacement odds are good you'll get the same thing again.

  2. I ordered a 5600g and got a 5600x. I returned it. Should have also returned the ASRock steel legend too. Limited ram support.

  3. I've used a bunch of different kits of ram on a bunch of different ASRock Steel Legend Boards (B450 Steel Legend, B550m Steel Legend, and B550 Steel Legend) and haven't run into issues with either booting or speed issues.

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