Prime day

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  2. It's the same every event, the first day they schedule too many people in panic mode, ends up slow and VTO filled because of course it is.. most orders take a day or 2 to get through the system. Last day of the event they schedule too few and it's an absolute shitshow. Been 6 years and every prime day so far has gone that way.

  3. I’m talking about available work not financial gain that Amazon had. We have been sitting here with barely any work spreading out one pallet to an entire side of showers all day long

  4. I got a new firestick to replace the one I have that died, some dry erase markers and a wireless phone charger. The deals suck. It's the same as when I worked in retail at a store. Clearance is stuff they're trying to get rid of.

  5. Money wise. They sold big ticket items. Financially it was good but literally we had 3 stand downs in all departments on the Wednesday of prime because of lack of work at our fc during the first.

  6. We were literally apparently overstaffed today but they didn’t wanna send anyone home so guess who had to go downstairs and work Dock the rest of the shift… heavy lifting, yippee, cramping legs, yippee… thankfully today was my Friday, so now Im free for two days.

  7. Same Here. I would like to pay off extra bills before the New Year.. I get [email protected] times. But I'll take that, at least it's not grueling. I'm not doing anything else at the time...sooo🤑

  8. It's sad that you would speak like this about your place of employment. I mean why would you want them to fail?!. Just go and work elsewhere. Your energy says a lot about you. Ungrateful!

  9. Lmao if a company wants loyalty and goodwill from its employees, it has to give them to said employees first.

  10. Wish KCVG offered more overtime actually. Damn A to Z app freaking sucks. Won’t let me pick up a second full 10.5 hour shift saying I will exceed the amount I’m allowed. But I don’t understand that logic if we’re allowed to get under 60 hours. If I take upt one week leaving me at 39 hours why won’t it let me take two more shifts that week letting me top out at 59.

  11. I’m on pick at my site and they just sent us a text saying 11 hour shift cut back to a 10 hour shift just like last night and they offered vto last night as well

  12. Ask yourself this: “Why would Amazon NEED a second Prime Day?”. Maybe they are hurting financially? We tend to think they are too big to fail like Walmart or McDonald’s, but is it possible that isn’t true?

  13. When times get rough, always tell yourself: 10 min break, 5 minute grace period. It will make your AM smile for you.

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