View from my couch to the elevated ‘bedroom’ in my studio apartment in Vancouver, Canada.

  1. I'm seeing a lot more studios on the front page of this sub than I used to. It's interesting to see how people are handlng having a lot less space to work with

  2. Great idea! I’ve left mine open cause I can swivel my TV from the living room to watch movies in bed. And I can see out the windows from bed too.

  3. Love how you combined colours, textures and patterns!! You pup definitely stole the show though, haha

  4. I like how you put pictures up on the half wall. I would have never thought to do that. The green velvet pillows with the rug look so good together. Love this.

  5. In my next life I will decorate meticulously and have a little dog and a cute comfy studio, until then I guess I’m stuck with this hell fire

  6. Did you built the platform yourself or was it like that when you moved in? I love the partition! Can you post a picture from the side, plz?

  7. So pretty!!! How do you like the reading lights next to your bed? Are they glare-y without shades?

  8. Honestly a studio is probably the only thing I can afford if living alone. Does your bedding picking up the smell of food bother you? How do you get over that? I can’t use candles unfortunately

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