Bedroom in Czech Republic, the first furnished room in our new flat

  1. I visited the Czech Republic a few years ago, and stayed with another couple who are friends of my wife. They gave us their bedroom, and it was two mattresses pushed together. I thought it was odd at first, but I got some great sleep! My wife and I both toss and turn, and the slight separation of mattresses helped us not bother each other for the first time in years.

  2. Me and my wife have 2 separate mattresses with 2 separate adjustable bed frames. It will change your life, trust me. You can have whatever mattress you prefer and can sleep at any incline you want.

  3. You are right. They are two separate matraces. We each have a different firmness. Mine is less firm. It's common in Europe. The movement from your SO is not transfered to yours and your sleep is better. There are studies for that. There can be a bit of gap in between but you can buy a special T shape foam piece to stick between them. I should have align th better for the photo.

  4. I think there are two mattresses. It seems to be separated at the top as well. Maybe the building is a walk up with narrow stairs and turns or something and they couldn’t fit a king mattress so they went with two twins?

  5. It's a common thing for people do get two twin or full sized mattresses, and then one of those things underneath that can lift and shape each side individually apparently.

  6. I’m American, but on a trip to Germany years ago I learned the wonder of having two different comforters for both of the people sleeping on a bed.

  7. I do this! My German family always did it and finally my hubs and I did this a few months ago. AMAZING! We don’t feel a THING when the other person moves or turns over. I sleep 100% better.

  8. Yes, it's a wallpaper. It was printed on demand. We were bit let down by it being shiny. It would look better if it was mate. I love the colors anyway. We bought it for 90 EUR here

  9. Those are blankets made on demand from sheep wool. My wife got them as a wedding gift from her mother. The sheets are from here:

  10. It looks great! I'd probably place a small night stand for your phone etc. Or maybe a small shelf attached to the bed/wall, so it doesn't take away too much the focus from the flower wall.

  11. That's exactly the plan. Custom made night stands with one of two drawers with built in power sockets. They need to wait however. We are working on the kitchen and living room right now and we are bit out of money now. We are also missing some nice lights. There is just light bulb hanging down the celing now :) We use those built in lamps most of the time however.

  12. Wdym German duvets? It's just folded in half. From what i noticed Germans like their duvet folded into thirds

  13. Yeah, I feel you. We shared rented flat before and wife always stole the blanket in night. When we bought this one for use, we bought new separate blankets.

  14. gorgeous! do you have a source for the bedsheets? ive been looking for a nice teal set like this. also beautiful cat!

  15. Looks gorgeous! The only thing bothering me a little is that the water bottle and tablet aren't on a nightstand.

  16. It's a temporary situation. We plan to build night stands (to order or possibly by ourselves) but currently all the money goes into kitchen and living room that is being built right now. This is the only cozy room we have right now.

  17. I'm not sure to be honest. This is how I was taught to make bed since being child here in Czech Republic.

  18. Please tell us where you got this wallpaper? I absolutely love it but I have never found my perfect one. They're also always like $500 to do one wall.

  19. There's no gap. There's wooden lath all around the room to hide small gap between hardwood and wall.

  20. Separate blankets are a huge win for all!!! Share when u want to, but not because u have to! I am US born and raised so I know it’s not the norm here, but it should be!

  21. Me and my husband sleep with different blankets and I can not believe I just realised to get the same covers to make it look presentable.

  22. Awesome. Looking to ditch my now too large house and am falling in love with more minimalist design and right sized rooms.

  23. For us it's more about necessity. We did not have money for larger flat and because of market situation it was buy now or possibly never. The bedroom was larger too originally but we built in it a small dry wall dressing room which made place for bed smaller. I like it. It's more cozy now.

  24. Thank you. They had three color variants. I like this one the most (the other was more blue and the other one had dominant color pink).

  25. We also have another Siberian (her half sister). Recently I saw photo on reddit of two Siberians in the exactly some colors we have - it was surreal.

  26. I'm not sure. My wife found it through some local Czech mobile app that aggregates most of the furniture stores and chains. She went through a lot of them in span of multiple days. We were looking for masive wooden bed with storage.

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