AITA for not wanting to hear out my SO after he always does this? (Petty argument)

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  2. YTA. He isn’t required to put the stopper in the sink if he doesn’t find that to be important. And he doesn’t owe you an explanation either.

  3. YTA that is such a weird minute thing to be mad at him for? Your partner that you love and live with didn’t do such a small and unnecessary thing and you seriously don’t talk to him for hours?? Respect needs to go both ways, why would your partner respect you enough to “hear you out” when you didn’t even let him speak? Wow

  4. Sorry but this does not seem like the hill to die on. Is there some reason it’s actually better to put the stopper in? It would have taken you less time to just make it the way you like it versus going to him to complain about it. If this is part of a larger pattern of general forgetfulness, then that may be something to talk about but otherwise why sweat the small stuff?

  5. Esh if he has explanations then he has reasons, you both need to give a take a bit here. Let him know he's done something that bothered you but also don't be an ah about it. No reason for an argument.

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