AITA for telling on my neighbors to the leasing office

  1. YTA- you had to take time out of your day to look up if she had a dog or not? What if she was dog sitting or keeping the dog for a friend while they were sick? Now she has to come up with a pet deposit and pet rent because you had to be nosey.

  2. Everything you said and ESPECIALLY paragraph 2. Pet deposits (non refundable) and an extra fee on your monthly rent, I pay $35, are fucking bullshit. It infuriates me.

  3. It’s even worse if you read the comments. He thinks it’s fine because he works for management and has keys to all the apartments for maintenance. I would report him and then move the heck out. YTA

  4. If she can’t afford it then there is a good chance that dog is going to end up in the shelter. It’s one of the biggest reasons dogs are brought to us. People are moving and can’t afford their dogs on the lease.

  5. Agreed. My mom and I used used to live in this pet friendly apt complex. Our neighbor adjacent to us was this old lady and despite the landlord knowing and ALLOWING us to bring our 7lb yorkie, she still reported us for having a dog. The landlord told us to register him as an "ESA" because the old hag was being annoying

  6. Having both a dog and kid myself, I agree. They are BS. The only thing it might be helpful for is if a greedy landlord who would otherwise not allow a pet may allow one just to get their hands on the extra deposit. Still fleecing the pet owner, but at least it's somewhere to rent. So hard finding a home when you have a pet which is a real shame.

  7. Right? I live in a place where if you are a legal tenant somewhere it is your legal right to have pets if you want (more like you arent allowed to evict someone for it and technically not suppose to put "no pets" on rental ads) but landlords will do their damndest to make sure you dont have pets. OP could have put this woman in a very precarious living situation.

  8. I don't understand why people are like this. Like how does someone care so much about someone else's life when it doesn't even impact them at all? And then take the time to look up her leasing agreement in the system to report her? Dude, get a hobby!

  9. Not to mention it's a big overuse of OP's power. I am sure that as someone working in maintenance, they aren't supposed to check details of someone's lease out of curiosity. As an employer I would investigate why they did that and would make sure that they don't have access to the data that they don't need to perform their work.

  10. I'm curious do you do this with all situations at the complex? Do you check to see if everyone that comes in has the correct amount of people living in a place, to make sure they aren't subletting? Is it your job in any capacity to make sure people are abiding by their contracts or is your job solely maintenance? If it is your job to make sure nobody is getting anything even slightly easier than they possibly should, then fine you were technically in the right. If as you stated you were just curious, then YTA. Because not only did you satisfy your curiosity which in and of itself is creepy to just dig through if you had no other purpose, but then you took the extra step to make sure you let management know. Meaning it wasn't just a curiosity because you took it further than just satisfying a question. So YTA, if you overstepped your job duties.

  11. Yup. Imagine having this much time to creep on this poor girl with her dog. Not only that but this dude is calling her cheap because she’s not putting more money in the landlords hands. IDK this guy has got some major issues around control or women or something. YTA, OP.

  12. Yta. Why do you have access to residents private information like that? Why were you stalking up in her file? If you work maintenance then the only thing you need to know is the name of the renter and what is wrong with the apartment and where. This was a creepy over step.

  13. They actually would need to know about pets as dogs can be aggressive and also so they don’t leave the door open while doing work in an apartment with pets.. So no about that part.

  14. YTA and a creeper. So she either has to give away her best friend she could have had forever or find a place to live. Because you had to rat her out to feel big and important. I need to vote again. YTFA

  15. YTA. So the dog wasn't bothering you, didn't do anything to you, wasn't the subject of complaints. You were upset because "not fair." So you went and reported her without even once approaching her and saying "Hey, did you know animals need to be on the lease? There's a form you fill out at the office." Which is a normal friendly way of saying "I see you have a dog that's not on the lease and I work for the property. I'm about to report you."

  16. I'd say it's a different situation if the dog is causing a problem for other residents but he admits the dog isn't an issue.

  17. YTA you had no right to go into her file. YOU ARE A CREEP plain and simple. You are not management and if I was her I would be reporting that whole complex and you.

  18. Talk about abusing your power. Are you even supposed to look up residents personal information unless it pertains to a maintenance request??? YTA. I work in research in healthcare and have access to patient records. But we are never supposed to just look up anyones records including our own unless it pertains to work. You can’t just look up whoever out of curiosity. I surprised your employer didn’t have issue with you looking residents up. Definitely a breach of privacy

  19. Yes exactly. Most staff are going to have access to the files but in any job where you can access legally confidential information you are still only allowed to access exactly what you need (I work in healthcare now and used to work in housing)

  20. I’ll be honest. After reading his initial post and responses I would want a dog, a big one, for protection. I would never feel safe in my apartment again even if he moved out.

  21. YTA. It's not any of your concern unless the dog is tearing up the apartment. And creepy as hell for you to look at her details. Let me repeat, yes, YTA and a creepy one.

  22. So let me get this straight, you used your position of power within the building (being part of staff and having access to records you didn’t need) to STALK and CREEP on a single young woman and look at her personal information? YTA.

  23. YTA. Creepiness aside, who cares if she’s not paying the extra $50 a month or whatever. The money is definitely not going in your pocket, and rent isn’t exactly cheap these days. What did you gain from screwing over a fellow member of the working class?

  24. YTA. Downright soulless behavior. The issue, such as it was, was solely between her and the landlord. You made it your issue by butting in. Who knows what her circumstances are? You may have made her life worse, and for what? Your actions could have caused her to lose her pet, and again, for what? To help line the pockets of a wealthy landlord?

  25. YTA on a level even your edit doesn't cover. I was stalked by my maintenance man for over a year. It culminated in some very creepy and illegal things happening. And it started when he came to "inspect for damage" after it was discovered I was dog sitting for a friend. At least that's when I think it started. At best you are a nosy snitch. But it could also come off like you were casing her/her place and security measures and made a move to get rid of the dog. I'd be really cautious of you for both reasons.

  26. YTA. This is a florid breach of privacy and YOU should be the one to face disciplinary consequences. If you were worried about the dog, you could have just said to the agent “hey I’m not sure if you know, but (tenant) is often coming and going from the complex with a dog”. At no point did you have any need or right to access her information or tenancy agreement. You even admitted you were “just curious”. I cannot fathom how you cannot see how inappropriate this is

  27. YTA Why are you looking at her personal information, it's creepy and suspicious. Mind your own business and leave her alone. She probably knows you creeped on her and tattled, of course she doesn't want to talk to you.

  28. I wonder if you’re looking for a new job because if I were her I’d sue and get a restraining order. Just because you’re in maintenance and have access to that kind of stuff doesn’t make it okay. That’s exactly how a young woman was murdered last by the creepy maintenance man at her complex. YTA and a big creep too.

  29. It would be good for maintenence to know if there is an animal in the apartment, because what if the dog lashed out out of surprise or some other reason if they had to come in to repair something and the dog was not in a crate. It can be a liability issue.

  30. YTA you went out of your way to find out about the status of her dog. This was something you did for no reason you had zero reason to suspect her of having an unsanctioned dog so why did you look into it? You full on tattled on this lady for no reason. Also the abuse of power to satisfy your curiosity is creepy and you don’t need that job anymore.

  31. This is massively creepy for all the reasons people have listed below but I'll just add another one here for folks to ruminate on. OP exerted an abuse of power that could have possibly forced this woman to give up her dog...often times a dog is not just a best friend but a protector for people that live alone.

  32. YTA and a creep. You said she just moved there for a job she’s more than likely trying to settle in and get her finances together before adding the dog on the lease. Y’all aren’t cheap about those things I had one place charge me damn near 500 for a pet deposit. How about instead of creeping around and looking up peoples profiles you mind your business and leave her alone. I hope she tells others to keep their distance from you…

  33. As someone who worked in the field, you’re way out of line. You had no reason to be in her file. Unless you were taking care of something related to MAINTENANCE in her file, you didn’t belong there YTA. You should get reprimanded for this.

  34. YTA! I had a maintenance guy do this to me TWICE. The first time i was 18 and my freaking brother died and i had to watch his dog for ONE night. He came into my apartment UNANNOUNCED ( wrong apartment) saw her (huge malamute) and called the office and put my housing at risk for no reason. Second time i was 24 (different house) and I adopted a German shepherd puppy. I already told the office. He decided to approach me and tell me “its not fair that you have a dog when no one else can im reporting you to the office so expect an eviction notice.” My pup was an esa for severe anxiety from a break in a few months prior due to a broken lock the maintenance guy REFUSED to fix. He got fired. YTA

  35. YTA. And you should be fired. You had no business using your ability as a maintenance person to personally look up her personal info. That's insanely creepy

  36. YTA. Rent alone is expensive let alone BS pet deposits. You said her dog seemed friendly and wasn’t causing any trouble, so why bother to cause her strife? You don’t know her full financial situation maybe you put her in a tight spot. I wouldn’t want to talk to you either..

  37. YTA mind your business. She wasn't hurting anyone, her dog wasn't hurting anyone, and you are a nosey Nelly. You took the time to look her up and report her? That's embarrassing.

  38. YTA - it was wildly inappropriate for you to go digging around in the terms of her lease to begin with. Now you’re what? Surprised that she doesn’t like someone who not only violated her privacy but then snitched on her to management over something that affects you in no way, shape, or form?

  39. You went out of your way to report her? Only a disgruntled loser would take the time to look up the information and report her. Get a life. YTA

  40. That’s the other part in this whole creepy story that gets me. Not only did OP take the time to creep on her file but then he had the audacity to report her for the dog she didn’t claim?? Like wtf, the nerve of this guy!! I would be reporting him for stalking and being creepy

  41. YTA. The property management company I worked for would have fired you without a second chance for that. Going through a tenants file when it’s not in your job scope is a huge violation and in some jurisdictions against the law.

  42. YTA - If I were this woman and I found out you had just casually poked through my file there would probably be a lawyer involved. At the very least I'm breaking my lease and moving - and your company is paying for it. Worst case I get the cops involved because that is CREEPY STALKERY SHIT.

  43. I disagree with most on here and think NTA - the building has a policy regarding pets, she violated it and you called her on it. She is welcome to keep the dog but she has to pay just like everyone else with a pet.

  44. It’s not his job to check their files. He looked at her personal information for no reason. How long has the dog even been there? She could be pet-sitting.

  45. Yta. And it's super creepy that you thought you had the right to go through people's files like that. None of that is your business. Personally I would be warning everybody about what you did so don't be surprised when everybody else starts ignoring you too. Noone likes a snitch.

  46. YTA abusing your power but NTA for reporting that she has a dog. I hate landlords but I can understand charging a little extra for a pet in case of damages, there are numerous occasions where a dog has destroyed or ripped furniture apart for no apparent reason. Dogs can bark a lot at inconvenient times and just be REALLY annoying. Honestly don’t understand all the YTA comments saying it doesn’t matter if she has a dog.

  47. YTA. You abused your power and trust in your position because you wanted to what - check if she was in violation of her lease? That is beyond creepy.

  48. YTA. I sometimes have a dog with me! Why ? I do dogsitting. I don't even get paid. I do it for friends if they can't find anyone to be with their dog. It's great for my mental health and I enjoy it. There are lots of reasons why she didn't have a dog on the lease.

  49. I'm so glad that we sold our condo and bought a house. Neighbors like OP can't mind their own fucking business just make living in that type of environment miserable. YTA.

  50. Um, are you even authorized to look at leases? You work in maintenance, not property management, correct? If you were my employee I would fire you.

  51. YTA. Creepy to be looking at someone’s lease and just low to report them for something that has zero affect on you. In the future mind your business.

  52. You are definitely an ah it's none of your business what she dose maybe she was dogsitting no wonder she won't say a word to you

  53. Uh, read his comments, it is not part of his job function to look up residents for any reason other than work orders. Terrible, bootlicking take. This dude is a creep and maybe you are too. Who will think of the poor corporate landlords?? /s

  54. He still could have reported it without looking up her personal information. Nothing in his job description says he needs to access tenant information. So yes it is creepy for someone with no reason to know all of your information to look up your information.

  55. If the dog bites someone that doesn't have to do with the apartment complex. That has to do withntje individuals and animal control.

  56. YTA - dog wasn’t causing any issues. With expenses going up and up and wages being stagnant, you’ve potentially lost this girl her home with the increased costs of the dog being put on the lease.

  57. NTA. You work in maintenance at that building. It’s your job. Pets are a maintenance issue that’s why it’s costs more to have them at an apartment.

  58. NTA. If I was working maintenance I would want to know all of the apartments that have animals. For my safety and the security of the animal. I would hate to accidentally let an animal out of their apartment.

  59. You’re telling me you went from living with your parents in Oregon just last week to doing maintenance in a building in CA long enough to notice a new resident?

  60. NTA. She brought in an animal on property you have to maintain and didn't notify or clear it with property management. It was look up her personal info but if you have legit access to it in the scope of your job, whatever. She's lucky she's not getting kicked out tbh.

  61. Lease compliance isn’t likely part of your job description, so you went out of your way to cause problems for somebody living in the building for what reason? Because you thought she was being cheap for not acknowledging the dog on the lease? Sounds kinda power trippy to me. So YTA.

  62. Come on dude, seriously? You don't know her, her life is none of your business, so why did you have to go out of your way to make her life more difficult? YTA 100% for this. All you had to do was nothing. But you failed to even do literally nothing.

  63. YTA being a snitch is the cheapest lowest class behaviour there is because people who don't behave in a cheap way have better things to do with their time than involve themselves In the lives of others.

  64. AUTOMOD Thanks for posting! This comment is a copy of your post so readers can see the original text if your post is edited or removed. This comment is NOT accusing you of copying anything. Read

  65. YTA. I had a neighbor that suddenly got a dog. I knew it wasn’t on the lease and the dog even barked often. Did I call the office? NO! I’m not in maintenance or anything but come on. Firstly that’s creepy and a violation of your work privileges. Secondly, it’s none of your business what anyone else is doing, especially if they’re not bothering you.

  66. YTA- what purpose did you have saying absolutely anything? The dog was good and it's not like the neighbor was doing anything to you either,why couldn't you mind yourself and just leave her be? I'm positive if she was dog sitting or looking after someone's dog you would've felt real bad

  67. I know I’m going to get downvoted for this but NTA you work for the building and reported someone breaking the rules most likely to avoid paying a pet cleaning fee(at least that’s what it’s called up my way) if I were your employer and found out your didn’t tell me id be low key ticked off

  68. I'm confused by this thread. To me the story is, OP sees someone doing something they're only allowed to do under special conditions, checked whether she had met those conditions, and then notified leasing that she had not. In response, folks are seemingly competing to use the most vile adjectives to describe what an asshole he is.

  69. YTA snooping around, don’t you have anything better to do in your life then to harass other people ????

  70. YTA- Literally unbelievable. Not only did you go out of your way to be incredibly creepy and get into someone else's business, but you also n decided that you would just insert yourself into someone's else's life and create drama.

  71. Are you in America? YTA. Service animals and emotional support animals are protected under the ADA and therefore are not required to be on leases and are allowed to live in places that don’t allow pets.

  72. I feel like reporting the dog when you knew it wasn’t allowed was a grey area, especially if the dog wasn’t being disruptive. Legally you’re in the right. But you’re kind of being a meddlesome dick for it , and I get why she wouldn’t like you after, but eh your following the rules. I’d be a lot more on your side if the dog was loud/messy/aggressive/etc. But regardless of that absolutely YTA for looking up her lease. Complete violation of privacy and comes off really really creepy. Did she reject you? Are just just trying to show off your power? If I were her I’d probably be feeling unsafe now.

  73. My neighbor had a cat, but he did not have permission from the condo board for the cat. I wrestled every day with whether or not to report him because he didn’t seem to think that any of the rules applied to him and I was frustrated.

  74. What motivated you to be so nosy? She broke the rules, but you didn’t need to go out of your way to investigate. You could have simply reported your suspicions to the leasing office, or minded your own business. ESH

  75. NTA. You work for the complex so part of your job is making sure people are following the rules. If an apartment charges a pet rent, and you want a pet, then you pay the extra amount.

  76. Honestly I can see why people think you're an a hole.. but let's see it this way: she needs repairs done, maintenance goes in to fix something while she's at work(depending on the place they can just go in to the home especially if you don't have a record of any pets) the dog isn't friendly and attacks him, now you have a dog that attacked someone who isn't registered, and someone hurt. You need to tell the leasing department of pets so if something happens they can address the situation and take proper procedures.

  77. ESH — OP ngl, that was weird behavior on your part when it doesn’t benefit you. But also I don’t get why people are defending the girl. She got caught doing something out of contract, it’s part of the risk of not disclosing you have a pet. Can’t afford to pay for pet, don’t have one

  78. yta. and a creep. you need to apologize to her. You have no idea if it’s her dog or not. she could just be dog sitting. and honestly i’d ignore you to. you should have asked her first before going to the leasing office what a shit thing to do. and what you did looking up HER records is so creepy no wonder why she’s ignoring you you creeped her out. and just because you know what dog go with what owners doesn’t give you a right to say anything. you could’ve asked her first but you didn’t because your an asshole. leave the poor girl alone. also maintenance doesn’t not take care of the renting leases so again you have not right to look at her record, if i was her i’d complain about you. you are LITERALLY stalking her. i hope you get fired i wouldn’t feel safe living in a place where anyone can just look at my records and stalk me. holy shit. and i find it hard to believe you have no interest in her you are literally stalking her. Hopefully she goes to the police and tell them you stalking her. i feel bad for her.

  79. All this crap about you being creepy is ridiculous and is exactly what leads to men not making first moves anymore. 🙄 Bunch o' man-hating.

  80. Dude if the worst things that happens to you today is a bunch of people call you out for your clearly assholish behavior, then have a coke and smile and stop complaining.

  81. The correct thing to have done was to notifying the leasing office you saw her with a dog, and weren’t sure if she was allowed to have a dog.

  82. Why is nobody mentioning that the “girl” should have told the leasing office that she had a pet? If she was pet sitting, great. If it was her dog, great. Follow the rules, or don’t live there. How about someone mentioning that she should be responsible herself?

  83. NTA. I lived in an apartment that didn't allow cats. The lady that lived in the apartment before me had cats and would use cardboard boxes as litter boxes. She was evicted for it. They replaced all the carpet and it still smelled like cat urine. The apartment manager had to pull up the carpet again and replace the subfloor. Had to pull some of the drywall and baseboards up and replace it. This was all done after we had already moved in. It was a nightmare for a month while they did this.

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