AITA for being upset my wife didn't stay in the hospital with me?

  1. Take everything else out of the picture. Take out the hurricane and the children. OPs wife has still spent a significant time at the hospital and was there for major stretches during the early days. What is the expectation now that she fluffs his pillow and reads to him all day? Even assuming she isn’t working it’s baffling to think she should be waiting on him and foot. The fact that this was a motorcycle accident OP should be begging for forgiveness that he didn’t just widow her with three kids and a one year old. Major YTA

  2. As someone who is almost 40 and from a place that gets hurricanes, I would NEVER leave them alone during one. So many things can happen during/after a hurricane, from trees falling to fires to flooding to roofs just leaving houses….it would be dangerous and neglectful to leave them without an adult during a hurricane that wasn’t the full blown catastrophe that is Ian.

  3. Also, OP rides a motorcycle which comes with huge risks, I think that’s a responsibility he needs to accept and take some accountability for (I also am curious about wifes feelings of him riding a motorcycle with 4 kids, not saying no one should ride but it is risky) and not make wife feel bad for staying with him until 4am while also having 4 kids, one of which is a fucking TODDLER and also one is a BABY.

  4. Bro she has to take care of 4 kids by herself, and is trying to visit you. Clearly she’s trying her best and she’s got a lot on her plate. Yta

  5. YTA- four kids and a hurricane?!! Plus you’ll be coming home at some point and then she’ll have to take care of your ass too!! You are being cared for nursing professionals and you are safe. Your wife isn’t a nurse! Please chill out and let her take care of business. You should probably increase your life insurance if you have a family and insist on riding a motorcycle .

  6. A fucking category 4, assuming that he’s in FL. YTA OP. A giant one. A 17 year old is not equipped to go through that with 3 children her own. You have professionals. Your wife is doing the right thing. Hopefully step 2 of doing the right thing is leaving your irresponsible ass- were you at least wearing a helmet? I know it’s optional in FL.

  7. AND she said the oldest will need to help while she WORKS! 4 kids (a 1yo!), hurricane, working mom, household to manage, visiting when she can. and he expects more! How dare she go home at night to get some (hopefully) decent sleep in a real bed, instead of a hospital recliner. I’m overwhelmed for her. YTA, OP!

  8. Glad someone brought up that a guy with 4 kids is still using the deadliest mode of travel available and he’s surprised to find that his wife must take care of the family and prepare for the impending natural disaster while he recovers in a hospital with doctors on staff.

  9. 5. You’re in the hospital. You’re receiving round-the-clock monitoring and care. Yes, it’s nice to have family there for social and emotional support, but they’re not doing anything. Your wife would just be sitting around while you lie in bed recovering.

  10. I was just thinking the same thing! Call the wife if you’re lonely. Text her. She has to take care of SO much and is probably in panic mode figuring things out the best she can

  11. Exactly this. Probably also comforting the kids who would be worried. Did he expect the 17 yr old to manage 3 kids, one of which is a baby? or the 10 and 5 yr old to prep the house while the daughter looked after the baby?

  12. Yeah, YTA man. You’re in stable condition, she’s been there a lot earlier this week, she has a 5 yr old and you both have a 1 year old plus a hurricane that she has to worry about. I’m sorry about your accident, but she didn’t cause it and it sounds like she’s doing the best she can - you’re being an AH dude. You need to apologize to her.

  13. For real. My brother died in the hospital this week. His wife was not there every day, there's no way she would have slept there.

  14. Are you freaking serious? You drive one of the most irresponsible vehicles and get in a wreck and you’re all over your wife who is now responsible for alllllll of the things single-handedly? No. You owe her a major apology. YTA. I hope you feel better but whining about her taking care of the family when there’s nothing helpful at the hospital she can do is wrong.

  15. I say the wife has 5 children - one of whom is a whiny chronological adult getting cared for by a team of professionals in a medical facility during a hurricane.

  16. Riding a motorcycle comes with risks, and you took that risk. It was your choice, and it will be your choice if you continue to ride and put yourself in the hospital again. Stop making your wife feel guilty when she’s doing all she can. YTA, you’re lucky she visits you at all with your attitude.

  17. This is what I was thinking. You are always courting disaster with riding a motorcycle. In a way this was your choice, and your wife is having to deal with it now. While watching children in a hurricane. YTA

  18. So she's juggling four kids, including a 1yo, a hurricane, and a husband in the hospital and you're upset that you're not her only focus.

  19. Yuuuuuup. That’s what he’s NOT getting. She’s doing all that shit ALONE because he decided to drive a motorcycle during some incredibly bad weather that’s now turned into a fucking hurricane. Knock it off! Kids come first!

  20. YTA. WTF, dude? You are in a hospital, where people are paid to take care of you. She was taking care of children (though apparently she doesn’t have 4, she has 5) in the face of a hurricane. Apologize. Grovel. I mean, it sucks that you had your accident, but that gives you zero right to behave like a child. You’ll be very, very lucky if you still have a wife when this is all done.

  21. By your timeline on the day of the accident she stayed with you overnight Monday-until Tuesday 4AM. Tuesday morning she returned for the day but went home at night. Wednesday she came but left at 1. Those must be some serious painkillers you’re on, my friend, because that’s not remotely leaving you to go through everything “basically alone”.

  22. Nurse here. This guy should've been in the hospital in the old days when visiting hours were 2-4 in the afternoon, and like 7-9 in the evening. What a baby.

  23. Right? A hospital fully staffed with people who have spent years learning how to take care of somebody in his condition! But yeah, let's leave the teen in charge of 4 kids during a hurricane!

  24. A man with that many kids driving a motorcycle and then when you get hurt being a baby about her being with you 24/7 when you have a house full of kids? YTA

  25. YTA - super sorry you've been in hospital but I think your expectations are unrealistic. There's a literal hurricane she's preparing for and 4 kids to look after and you want her to sit next to you all day and night... To what? Talk? Stare at you? She is absolutely doing her best to look after all of you and tbh I would say your young child needs her more than you do. It's incredibly difficult what you are going through but you're expecting too much.

  26. Holy hell YTA... She's Handling a 1 yr old and three older kids and preparing the house for a hurricane and visiting you in the hospital every day and gearing up to nurse your self pitying ass for the next three months? What the hell else do you think she could be doing for you?? Grow up dude. Call her with a full throated apology.

  27. Seriously. I wonder who runs the house and takes care of the kids when OP’s wife gets sick. I’ll bet she gets her sick ass out of bed and gets shit done cause her husband doesn’t help. Some men are just so useless, and on top of that they want to be babied when they’re sicky-poo. Obviously OP had a terrible accident and not the common cold, but he literally chose the most irresponsible way to move around.

  28. YTA. Dude, it's a fucking hurricane. A hurricane so bad, they've closed almost 2 dozen Waffle Houses. They NEVER close Waffle House unless shit has SERIOUSLY hit the fan. Blame the hurricane, not your wife trying to protect the lives of herself and her children.

  29. YTA. I get being in the hospital sucks. But there are four kids at home that need her too. She cannot and is right not to dump all the childcare on the eldest child that is not fair. There is nothing she can do at the hospital besides sit with you. I'm amazed that you would prefer her at the hospital and your kids at home alone during a hurricane. Shows where your priorities lie.

  30. YTA. Dude, stop being dramatic. She's supporting you fantastically. She is devoting a huge part of her energy and day to visiting you. She stayed with you until 4AM when it happened AND she's still managing to "hold the fort" and be an active parent while you're out of action. She deserves a medal for her efforts.

  31. YTA. Your wife is handling all the child care, trying to get your house secure for a hurricane and still made time to be there for you. This post makes you sound like a whiny brat. Put on your big boy pants and let your wife handle her shit.

  32. YTA she is taking care of 4 kids trying to prepare for a hurricane and trying to get the house ready for when you come home. You have nurses taking care of you. And you really think it’s a great idea for her to travel during or right after a hurricane. Yes marriage is threw thick and thin but when you have kids it’s no longer about what you want or need. It’s about what’s best for them. Right now during an emergency they need their momma. Put on your big boy pants and suck it up. Plus call and apologize to her.

  33. YTA. Dude, I get it, it does actually suck that your wife can't stay with you right now. But she's also dealing with 4 kids and a hurricane. EVERYBODY has a little bit extra on their plate in a situation like that, and something's got to give. In this case, it's "you're not getting visited as much as you'd like." It's honestly the better case scenario than "your wife gets swept off the road by the wind and rain on the way to the hospital" or "the 17 year old couldn't prep the house well enough by herself and the windows all got smashed in." You've got help and people to care for you right now. She doesn't.

  34. YTA. You are being cared for by competent medical personnel in a hospital. There's a limit to what your wife can do beyond supporting you when she can. Note the when she can part. An oncoming hurricane with 4 minor children at home means she needs to be at home. Expecting otherwise means you're an asshole of a husband but even more so an asshole of a father. Apologize and explain that you were too drugged up on painkillers. It's your only hope of an excuse for this behavior.

  35. YTA. Your wife sounds like superwoman. She's doing the best she can, and that still isn't enough for you. Thick and thin means the entire family, not just you, and in the brunt of a natural disaster, her plate sounds real damn full. Pull it together, my guy. You're alive. She's just trying to make sure everyone else stays alive right now, too.

  36. Info: how would you feel if your wife stayed with you the whole time and while she was there the hurricane destroyed your house and killed the kids?

  37. YTA - you're in a safe place with competent professional staff looking after you. Meanwhile, your wife is looking after 4 kids and getting a house ready for one of the worst hurricanes the US has seen in quite some time (something that I imagine you would normally be helping with). The kids are probably scared, the roads are possibly dangerous, and here you are having a pity party because you don't get to have a bit of company.

  38. YTA I get you want company but dude you're not dying. She's there every day. She can't stay 24/7 when she's got a hurricane to prepare for and 4 kids to look after.

  39. Exactly!! She came every day and stayed for a long time! He's just upset that she's not sleeping in the hospital, but like they have children... And idk their hospital's visitor policy, but many don't allow kids under a certain age so their baby probably wouldn't even be allowed to stay with them. THAT'S why she has to go home. It sounds like OP's wife is doing an amazing job caring for her idiot husband and her children during a tough time

  40. YTA and are acting like a child. Yeah you had an accident. But your wife has been there as much as possible while balancing the rest of EVERYTHING that has now been placed on HER! FFS!

  41. YTA - you have the entire hospital staff to take care of you. She has nobody to help her with her 4 kids, including your 1yo infant, other than her own children. And she is also dealing with a hurricane? Wow.

  42. YTA. Do you think life just stops? Kids, meals, school, bills, work, etc. Plus a natural disaster?!?And you want her to babysit you. Get rid of the bike and grow up.

  43. YTA, there was a whole hurricane, the children were probably afraid and needing comfort. Why are you competing with literal children, your children at that, for attention?

  44. YTA, i’m sorry that you got hurt, but you are a grown man. Your wife is juggling four kids, an impending hurricane, and a spouse who is acting like an entitled six-year-old.

  45. Hope you have a speedy recovery and feel better soon! That being said, definitely YTA. If you were truly an afterthought, your wife wouldn't be visiting daily, especially with hurricane prep to do on her own. It's not like she's out clubbing at night, she's keeping your household running and trying to maintain some normalcy for the family.

  46. YTA. I'm sorry you are in the hospital, but wtf??? You can't look outside of your situation to see what else is going on around you? All she is going to do in the hospital is sit there. Literally, she's not your doctor or your care team and she had been coming. Yall have 4 kids- one who is barely a toddler and you want her to abandon the kids during a hurricane to come sit and look at you. And she has been there to see you!!!!!

  47. Yup- YTA. She left you in the care of doctors and nurses to recover. You wanted her to leave small children with a teenager for extended periods while a hurricane was bearing down. That’s beyond selfish.

  48. YTA. I was hospitalized and begged my fiancé to be home with our son/pets. Yeah, being in the hospital sucks, but when you have other responsibilities it can easily be done alone

  49. YTA. She has children to take care and a hurricane to prepare for (not to mention all the other daily tasks). You’re clearly fine in the hospital, you’re an adult, you don’t need hand holding 24/7.

  50. YTA. Not for wishing your wife could have been there, I get that, it's comforting to have your partner nearby when you're sick or in pain. But YTA for acting like your need for comfort is more important than your kids being taken care of and being at the house during a hurricane. You don't think those kids need comfort during a scary storm? You think the 17yo is capable of handling anything a hurricane throws at them? No.

  51. YTA for riding a motorcycle when you have all of those people depending on you. I don't know the circumstances of your accident of course but a 40mph crash in a car with a seatbelt is different from a 40mph one on a motorcycle.

  52. YTA. You are stable in the hospital. She is being a mom to the kids and prepping for a hurricane. You dont think the 1 year old will carr if mom and dad are gone? Hell yes they will care. Your kids need a parent. Time to be an adult and realize your kids come first. They make phones forna reason. Call, text, facetime, etc. Use the time in the hospital to RECOVER some so maybe she isnt also taking care of you when you get home.

  53. YTA. She didn’t abandon you geez. She’s caring for your kids during a hurricane. You are safe in a hospital with nurses and doctors. You are not alone. She’s dealing with a lot by herself. Cut her some slack that she can’t abandon everything to come sit by your side like a lapdog. You are injured. Why are you making this worse?

  54. YTA. Major AH! I broke my back & have had 8 major surgeries. Major complications from a few of them. My wife stayed as much as she could each surgery. I tried to get her to stay home but she came as much as she could. There nothing for our spouses to do for us in the hospital. Their care starts at home.

  55. YTA I only have two kids, I am deeply in love with my husband but given the circumstances I would visit when I could as much as I could. The 17 year old is definitely not responsible for the other children and there's the hurricane. Im sorry you were in an accident but your wife is doing the best she can.

  56. YTA. Marriage is through thick and thin. That means she handles everything while you sit in a hosioital bed because you chose to ride something dangerous.

  57. YTA you have nurses on hand 24/7 and she has 4 kids to tend and life didn’t stop because you got injured. It sucks. I get it, I’ve spent a lot of time alone in the hospital- but our families still have lived to live.

  58. YTA. Your wife has other obligations that include all four of her children, whom I hope you think of as yours. Your eldest stepdaughter is not a babysitter for your emotional needs of your wife. She did what was best for your family. You're doing that thing where men turn every little cough and sneeze into a huge production. I get it. You're hurt. You're in the hospital. Your life is on pause. Hers can't be. She has obligations. She's coming to see you, ffs. She's not abandoning you forever. How did you get to be this old and be this needy?

  59. YTA. Sorry for your accident and injuries. Now, FFS, you are being taken care of. That’s what they do in hospitals. Your wife has spend a great deal of time with you AND will be stuck caring for you when you go home. Don’t begrudge her the opportunity to not let her children die in a category 4 hurricane.

  60. YTA. Look I get wanting your loved with you but your in the middle of a hurricane and she has 4 children to look after. What would happen if weather got worse and couldn't leave the hospital? Was the 17 year old supposed to watch all of the other little ones? Completely unrealistic

  61. YTA Are you really going to put yourself ahead of her kids and yours? If it were me my first concern would be my wife and kid. You have plenty of support from the hospital and will recover. Your wife has her hands full and you're suggesting dropping all that on a 17yo?

  62. YTA. Kids and hurricanes don't vanish when a loved one lands in the hospital. It sounds like she really was there as much as possible.

  63. So, just so we’re clear, your wife spent all day the first few days at your side, but had the audacity to go home at night to sleep in her bed and take care of the children and make sure the house hasn’t burnt down. Then for one and a half days she wasn’t with you because she was taking care of her children during a hurricane. And you would prefer she leave all of these duties to the care of a seventeen-year-old so she could sleep in a chair next to you for emotional support.

  64. YTA, though I do understand that what you're going through is tough and likely traumatic. But if you're feeling abandoned by your wife when you stated she spent days 1, 2, and half of day 3 with you? Out of 4? That's not abandonment. She is trying to balance your needs with that of her four children, and now you're guilting her for it. The loss and abandonment you're feeling is ok and understandable, but you need to be looking into more professional and responsible ways to deal with it rather than putting it on your wife and indirectly your kids.

  65. YTA - Yes being in the hospital can be scary and lonely and it is good to have someone there with you when possible (plenty of patients don't have anyone). But it isn't reasonable to expect your wife to be there constantly: She's just one person. She still needs to take care of the kids (having a teenager take care of the siblings full time is not an option, especially if there's a baby) and the usual chores around the house plus the disaster stuff and yes, herself (maybe she needs to cook a meal, do some laundry, get a shower and some sleep?) and is probably spending time at home doing stuff for you (sorting out insurance, bringing your things from home, prepping the house for your limited mobility when you return, doing whatever home chores you usually do). Unfortunately all those other responsibilities don't pause when something awful happens. I know you have been seriously injured but you are still a parent and an adult with responsibilities: your wife and children need you and are stressed and scared and you aren't home to take care of them, so maybe you can sacrifice some of your comfort right now to take some of the burden off of them? Is there anyone else you can reach out to for support or to visit or to help at home besides your wife (friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, religious community...)?

  66. YTA and sound like a baby. She was with you a lot! And then she had to take care of kids and prepare for a hurricane! Are you always like this?

  67. YTA - I had major back surgery on Monday. My brother came with me to the hospital but I sent him home for the waiting period before and duration of the procedure because, as other commenters have said, in a hospital you are surrounded by professionals for whom caring for an injured/sick person is a job for which they're trained. Being in pain and in the hospital sucks hardcore, but what could she really be doing there except sitting in the same room for hours at a time in an uncomfortable chair? Your wife has 4 children to care for, now completely alone, and sounds like it'll be a 5th when you get home. Give her a break, she's dealing with the crappy situation you put her in.

  68. YTA you’re wallowing in self pity. Just because you’re hurt doesn’t mean the world stops. Because you are hurt your wife now has to handle everything alone AND you and you’re not even out of the hospital and already complaining.

  69. YTA and although you’re obviously feeling sorry for yourself, you need to get some perspective. With a hurricane coming, with 4 kids (3 very dependent) and with you being in hospital getting the best help available, you really just want her to be there to demonstrate how much she cares and to be an audience for your moaning. Pretty childish and self-centered of you. If she had only been in to see you for an hour here and there AND there was no hurricane, I might feel differently. But nope, definitely YTA.

  70. YTA all the way. You are a grown-ass adult. Her responsibility is to the children. Their needs trump yours. You have nurses to look after your well-being. The children do not.

  71. YTA you big baby. I can only imagine what a joy you’re going to be when you get released and she has to deal with your ass at home.

  72. YTA. Your wife has 4 kids and a hurricane to worry about. Get some perspective, dude. Stop pressuring her when she under an inordinate amount of stress already. Just stop it.

  73. So she has been with you every day, and pretty much constantly the first day, but you’ve been “alone?” She had to take care of the kids. Y’all have a baby. There’s a hurricane.

  74. Dude what the fuck. YTA. You have 4 kids at home! 3 of whom aren’t old enough to be home alone at all! Is she supposed to leave all three of those young children alone with the 17 year old or a babysitter to be at your bedside? She’s there as much as she can be while still taking care of your children! It’s astonishing that you would prefer her at the hospital instead of with your young children during a literal hurricane.

  75. YTA you should’ve quit riding a motorcycle the second you found out your wife was pregnant. No one with kids should ride those death traps and YTA for that alone.

  76. YTA - and you really need to edit your post to read: My wife has 5 kids, 3 from a previous marriage, 1 from this marriage and me.

  77. YTA. When you have kids, they generally are the priority. She can’t just ditch them at the house all alone. You have people taking care of at the hospital, the kids have no else but her at home.

  78. You chose to ride a dangerous motorcycle, which comes with the downside of having to be very, very brave in the scary hospital if you get hurt.

  79. Your neglectful wife is taking care of 4 kids alone, one being your infant, and is trying to make sure your house isn't destroyed by a hurricane, and you're mad she's not there making goo goo eyes at you and telling you "oh poor baby" all day every day? How dare she! /s. Bro gtfo here. You better start thanking your lucky stars you have a woman so good. YTA YTA YTA! If you're that lonely call your mommy.

  80. YTA - she was preparing for a hurricane and looking after 4 children. I can’t even imagine the toll this put on her. You are entitled to feeling hurt that you didn’t have more support. This was a big accident. But that doesn’t mean she did anything wrong. I hope that makes sense and good luck in your recovery!

  81. YTA dude, it’s a choice to ride a motorcycle + the risks are known. Also, your wife has four minor children and lives in a hurricane zone. I hope your family has been safe this week.

  82. You can't be serious. Of course YTA. You are in a hospital with people to take care of you, you whiny baby. She's got shit to do and no help, because you're an idiot. Leave her alone.

  83. she’s been doing everything with 4 kids, prepping a house for a hurricane, and visiting you at the hospital. and then she’s being told that she’s not doing enough

  84. Who did you plan on being with your one year old (even if you don’t care about “her” children from a previous marriage)! There a reason many parents stop riding their motorcycles when their kids are young. YTA for taking that risk that ended up badly but not as bad as it could have been, and even more TA for putting that on your spouse when they are already going through it—caring for 4 children, during a hurricane, and seeing their partner seriously injured, with the knowledge that recovery will be slow and long and they will be supporting your family of SIX mostly on their own for a time.

  85. So … you want a teenager to take care of two kids and an infant by herself during a HURRICANE so your wife can sit next to you and just… keep you company??

  86. yta time to grow up dude you have kids they come first always… she can’t just sit by your bedside and pamper you when there are literal children who need her and on top of that during a freakin hurricane 🙄 you are fine you are in a hospital and if you need something a nurse will be available.

  87. YTA she’s got four kids and was preparing for a hurricane. Give me a break. Is this real? She managed to spend a lot of time with you. Whats left to do? You need time to heal. She’s gotta a family to raise and protect, you knucklehead. Lol. Why anyone with the responsibilities you have is riding a motorcycle is beyond me. Do you know the stats? She may be a little pissed at you too to be honest leaving her to deal with all this shit alone. You owe her an apology, you baby. Time to become a man.

  88. While I understand your feelings, YTA on this one. It sounds like she def has been keeping you on her priority list, but also knows she cant drop everything. There are kids to take care of and a house to prepare. Those things also show her care for you indirectly as well. Try to be more understanding on her end as well.

  89. YTA are you serious? I’m sorry you were in an accident but her life doesn’t stop because you’re in the hospital. She has 4 children, two of which who aren’t even teenagers and practically a new born and you’re angry that she went home to take care of them and make sure they are safe DURING A HURRICANE. She’s a parent first not your wife first. I know that sucks to hear but if she had to choose between you and your kids you need to understand that her kids will always come first. Especially since you are safe in a hospital and have nurses that can come to your aid.

  90. YTA- Your worried more about your own comfort than you are your daughter's safety??? Um, yeah, you're a selfish asshole.

  91. YTA for all the reasons people have already listed. Yes it sucks being stuck in hospital, but you're being looked after, and she clearly hasn't abandoned you, yet you're still complaining. She's already got 4 kids to look after, she doesn't need another. Grow up.

  92. YTA. She’s trying to care for everyone. You have a 1 year old for goodness sakes. That kid can’t take care of themselves. You’re in the hospital where there’s really nothing she can do for you and you have doctors who are experienced in caring for you. You also mention in the post that she was preparing for the hurricane. Dude, the hurricane was absolutely horrific and destroyed southwest Florida. I’m here near Fort Myers right now and went through it. It was awful. It sucks that you were in a motorcycle accident. But you are a fucking adult. Start acting like it. Sounds like your wife is doing her best for all 5 of the children she is having to take care of (and yes, you are one of those children). And it sounds like you haven’t learned that as a parent, you always put your kids first. Grow up.

  93. YTA, you're in the hospital with staff caring for you. Your wife is caring for four children and preparing for a hurricane. Just out of curiousity who is it you expect to care for your children and prepare for the hurricane? What would happen if she were at the hospital with you and there were an emergency due to the weather being "not great?" What is it you want your wife to do that a team of doctors and nurses can't do? It sounds like your wife was there a lot when the accident first happened and now that she knows you are going to be okay and that she is going to have to take care of you for the forseeable future once you're released from the hospital she has turned her focus to the more immediate concern which is the children and the hurricane since you are being taken care of. Life doesn't stop because you were injured. I hope you get better quickly and I am sorry about the accident but you need to stop thinking of only yourself.

  94. YTA She doesn’t stop being a mom because you’re hurt. She had kids to take care of, a home to prep for a disaster (wtf is wrong with you on this one) and you. She did the best she could given the circumstances. And if you were any type of adult and caring partner, you would realize the world doesn’t revolve around you and she has other responsibilities as well.

  95. YTA. A very whiny selfish one at that. She has approximately 8 million important things she has no choice but take care of, and she spent a lot of time with you as well, probably more time than she can afford to be honest. You’re a grown up. Act like it. Rest, recover, and apologize for being a whiny git. If you blame it on the pain meds maybe she’ll laugh it off.

  96. YTA Grow up She is taking care of your children and everything else while you recover on top of being worried about your spoiled self centered ass.

  97. Wow. Ur safe in a hospital albeit banged up with 24 hr care. U need a reality check dude. My gosh ur like a child.

  98. So, who’s taking care of the kids for the several days you were in the hospital? Do you think childcare happens by magic?

  99. YTA. I’m sorry about your accident. I hope you get better soon. But just because you are sick doesn’t mean everyone will drop their entire life just to sit next to you.

  100. Who do you expect to take care of the 10 yo, 5 yo and 1yo? That's not the 17 yo's job. You have professionals at the hospital taking care of you. YTA.

  101. She sounds like a hard working, practical woman. In her situation, my head would be full of everything I had to do to take care of everyone in my life — kids, husband, hurricane.

  102. Does your hospital room have a TV? Hurricane Ian was devastating. She was right to prepare and right to stay off the roads. And how long do you think she can impose a one year old on a teenager? In a hurricane no less.

  103. YTA. How does waiting around in a hospital room doing nothing help her watch over the kids or prepare for a hurricane? Grow up. You can heal just the same without her than with her at the hospital.

  104. YTA give your poor wife some slack. She has been there for you. You were injured doing a high risk activity and are being well cared for. You're lucky to be alive, frankly. She has FOUR kids and a legit hurricane to contend with in your absence. Not to mention the weeks of waiting on you hand and foot she has ahead of her. Maybe give the motorcycle hobby a rest. If you were my husband I would be shocked and livid at how you're acting. I hope its the pain meds and you're not really this obtuse for your wifes sake.

  105. YTA. You gambled with your health and your family’s security by choosing to ride. You lost that gamble and now your wife is having to deal with the fallout while you whine and moan about her not doing enough to cater to your feelings.

  106. Are you serious? While I am so sorry that you have had an accident and will no doubt needs a ton of love and care. That being said how selfish can you be. Your wife is doing everything she can and still isn’t good enough for you. Don’t be surprised if at the end of your recovery she hands you divorce papers. YTA

  107. Yta. Apparently wife does all the parenting, or you would understand the struggle of trying to juggle everyone's needs while youre at the hospital. Im confused, why dont you call your mom if you need someone to hold you? This sounds crazy. I complained less when my husband left me at the hospital with a 2 day old newborn after suffering pre eclampsia and a slightly premature birth. We had another daughter at home and he needed some actual sleep. I sincerely whined less than you. Get it together.

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