AITA "Rubbing In" How My Sister's Ex Is A Better Father To My Child Than My Ex Is To Hers?

  1. YSH but NTA for the post. He's the father of your kid and he's doing a good job at it. You can thank him for it if you want to. It's nice.

  2. ESH. This is Jerry Springer material. You sound like you suck less than your sister, but then again we're only seeing your POV here.

  3. I mean her sister had an affair with her boyfriend for 6 months so I don’t think it’s going to sound better from her pov and also like they don’t talk she didn’t post it for her sister so her sister really has no right

  4. Just because we're good co-parents doesn't mean we'd be good romantic partners for each other. Plus we decided that the situation was already messed up enough as it was. However, we do make jokes after getting together in our 50s if we're still single.

  5. Austin (the sister’s ex fiancé) did not “cheat with his fiancée’s sister”. The only cheaters were Mike and Fiona.

  6. Apart from the messy beginnings, it sounds like it all worked out for the best in the end, you and your daughter got a man who is putting in the work raising the child the two of you created, well done, that's how it is supposed to be done, uou post was purely to show gratitude for him and if your sister took it the way she did then that's her problem, im going with NTA for recognizing the good in the man who is your child's father

  7. ESH. Y'all are messy and you need to stop focusing on screwing each other's partners and one upping each other and on your kids. Because it sounds like you are giving a guy who is actively emotionally abusing his child, access to yours entirely to rub your sister's face in it cuz you think she's a bad person.

  8. For this specific instance, NTA. A birthday is when you tend to talk about what's best about people - Austin being a good father fits. Fiona seems to have one hell of a superiority complex because she keeps trying to "win" rather than focus on what's best for her son, and that worries me.

  9. I created an excel spreadsheet just to keep track of everyone. I've got the kids parents figured out but is any of the "adults" with each other?

  10. I agree. The sister went out of her way to read OP's post, so it's her fault if she read something she didn't like. Plus, the sister was disgusting not only for sleeping with OP's boyfriend but for betraying her fiance too. She had what she deserved.

  11. NTA. Why give a single shit about what your sister thinks? Block her and save her from the trauma of looking at your posts.

  12. ESH. You and your sister are crappy, and it's unfortunate you both brought children into this mess. I hope they learn from yall mistakes.

  13. Lots of people seem not to understand the difference between a prolonged affair behind everyone's back, with the woman trying to trap the official boyfriend into marriage while being pregnant of the lover and a one night stand that happened because of deep hurt and alcohol. To make it simpler: Fiona+Mike= 6 months of sex while in a relationship with others. OP+Austin= one night stand after discovering the other two. The two are not comparable.

  14. I think ir was longer than six months because of the baby. But you're absolutely right. When they hooked up they were respectfully single people. Their ex-SO however were not. NTA.

  15. NTA honestly I love that you did this. Fuck your sister she fucked around and found out. You did some boss move shit, good for you. I wouldn’t even talk to my sister after what she did

  16. Wow!!! You and Austin are doing right by baby. There are lots of full time parents doing much less. Your sister is an asshole. It's a hope that dad doesn't get involve. Ignore sister. If dad gets involved and he takes sides, ignore him too. Avoid the argument because it will make further arguments.

  17. NTA. It is never the wrong time to call someone out for being a good parent. Any issues your sister has are because of HER poor choices.

  18. You didn't do it intentionally to "rub it in". Plus, it's social media. People give highlights to others all the time, regardless of it's their birthday, holiday, etc. She's just mad. If she doesn't wanna see if, she can quit looking at it by not hitting a few buttons. NTA.

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  20. I was more like that meme with the woman and all the math equations. Trying to figure out who slept with who and when and who could be who's kid.

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