AITA for asking my girlfriend’s sister to pay for a ticket to an event that I can no longer go to?

  1. I mentioned to my girlfriend that she could take her sister, she didn’t ask to go. She said she’d only be able to go if I watched her son.

  2. I may not have made this clear. The show has yet to happen, it’s tomorrow. I never said “have the ticket” and then asked her to pay for it later. I mentioned to my girlfriend to see if her sister was interested in going in the first place and then when she said she was, I asked if she’d be willing to pay for the ticket.

  3. Idk if I agree. The girlfriends entitled attitude is really off-putting to me. The way she's trying to make him look like the bad guy by asking for compensation (after even offering to babysit) makes me think he should not set the presidence of being accommodating to this kind of attitude from her.

  4. Wait, so you’re babysitting for free, and she wants the ticket for free? Are you going to cook her dinner and do her laundry too? NTA.

  5. I have no clue the sister’s opinion on paying for the ticket. It’s my girlfriend who said it was unfair and that the sister may not go if she has to pay.

  6. Light YTA. I can see it from your point of view, but it's also a matter of etiquette. Technically, it was your idea for your GF to take her sister, using your ticket. That kinda-sorta puts it into the realm of a gift, and asking for a reimbursement of even a second-hand gift is tacky.

  7. You make a good point but they haven’t even gone to the show yet so it’s not second hand reimbursement. I gauged whether she was interested in seeing what the show was and then if she was willing to pay for the ticket. I never said “you can have the ticket” and then after the fact said “can you pay me back for that”

  8. YTA - you needed to communicate with your gf and her sister up front about $. You agreed to watch the kid, so that doesn’t matter. It sounds like sis was cool with going, only if you could watch the kid, which makes me think she’s going to accompany and spend time with her sister; but might not necessarily be something she would pay for herself.

  9. ESH. You’re the AH for not being clear that you wanted to sell, not give away, your ticket. It’s your right to do either, but not to suggest your gf take her sister to the show, and then add that you expect payment. The sister is the AH for assuming you’ll babysit for free. If she backs out, have a conversation with your gf about what she wants. If you sell the ticket would she want to go alone/with a stranger or random?

  10. I never said I was going to give away the ticket. I asked her sister if she was interested in seeing the show and then immediately after she said yes, asked if she was cool covering the price. I never made it seem like she was gonna go for free.

  11. NTA in theory, but I do think that unless you’re super hard up financially and that $48 would make a big difference to you then it would have been better to just let her sister have the ticket instead of expecting her to pay. This all hinges on whether she’s paying you to babysit her son though—if she’s taking your ticket and also getting free childcare then I think it’s totally reasonable to ask her to reimburse you for the ticket.

  12. I don’t think either of us are in financial hardship. She is not paying me to babysit but I wouldn’t want to be paid anyways.

  13. Wow... so, so they want free babysitting AND a free show? Because you can't use the ticket? Good grief. Maybe you should just sell them. I mean, the babysitting alone for the time they were gone (will likely be around 4 hours) would cost more than the ticket at standard market rate. NTA.

  14. The ticket was offered, not asked for, so technically the sister isn't "expecting" a free show. Free babysitter is a separate issue.

  15. What wasn’t upfront and clear? “Would your sister be interested in this ticket?” “Yeah she’d be interested” “would she be able to pay for the cost of the ticket?” “That’s not fair to ask her”

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  17. NTA. Could you be nice and take the hit? Sure. But by no means are you obligated to. GF's desire to be above and beyond is great, but you don't have to agree with her. If she really wants to be that nice to her sister, she can just give you the $ and pay for her sister.

  18. How long have you been with your girlfriend? How long do you plan to be? Do you have a decent relationship with her sister? Are these things worth $48?

  19. I don't really think anyone is exactly the asshole here? The main thing is you should have made it clear up front that you were selling the ticket, not giving it away. It seems like a honest mistake that kind of went out of proportion. A simple apology of 'I should have said i was selling it, sorry' would be good enough i believe.

  20. NTA. Tell her you’ll either attend yourself or charge her sister to watch your nephew, whichever sounds “fair” to her.

  21. YTA for offering it without letting her know up front that she would have to pay for it! Always lead with that! You asked if she would like to go in your place.... not if she'd buy the ticket from you.

  22. NTA, she wants a free babysitter AND a free concert?? Nope, nope, nope. Since you're watching the kid she should pay for the ticket and call it even Steven.

  23. YTA. If you are unable to attend a show, you have two options. Sell both tickets and make plans for another time with your gf OR allow your gf to go with a replacement guest. You certainly don't ask for money for the ticket. That's just tacky. Additionally, babysitting is a separate issue and you can agree or not to do the favor. If you can't sit, gf can ask someone else to the show.

  24. If there was no option of selling the ticket to a stranger then asking a family/friend to pay is tacky. But since I could easily sell the ticket for more than the retail price of $48 then it seems completely justified

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