1. I genuinely believe it's a bit and that he'll upload something soon. YouTube is probably a big portion of his income, and I don't think he would stop that so soon after moving to a new (more expensive) city.

  2. Seeing as how he hasn’t returned today, I’m guessing he’ll probably return either tomorrow or a week after tomorrow. I say tomorrow because it would be a whole week since the video would be uploaded or a week after tomorrow because he would then have a two week long break like how he did last year.

  3. iirc he took a 2 week long break at the start of the year as well so i wouldnt put it past him to be doing the same again

  4. I think something that makes it even scarier is that he uploaded the link to the premier and I believe that was the last thing he posted to twitter.

  5. He left a comment on a video of mine a few days ago hinting at “a new era of content in 2021”. I don’t think he is going anywhere. He has said he doesn’t post when he can put his heart into it so he probably just needs to chill for a bit

  6. I found the comment you were talking about, nice channel btw. This does reassure me a little, but things can change in a week, especially if 5 of your videos get corrupted

  7. I think it was a joke if wasn't whelp CPUCS fans of Alpharad will never get session 5 even though by this point hope for that was already been very low.

  8. I honestly don’t know I’ve watched a lot of fwob and this seems like a bit from that era but watching streams with him in it like the among us one and seeing him change his discord name and I think mention to Cade about getting something when he comes back to OK is nerve wracking but I think it’s just a bit

  9. Honestly, I think if he was serious about quitting, he would put in a more serious part at the end of the video with him saying he’s quitting like how he said he was taking a break at the end of the Best of 2019 video. Not only that, but I don’t he would comment on InkThinks’s video saying something about a new era of content for 2021. And remember, this is the same person that made us believe Tyler and Miloni were two different people. He is known to do bits like that, and I’m hoping this is another bit. But the thing is though, I feel like Alpharad would be the person to just quit without making it be that serious. I’m genuinely hoping he didn’t quit and returns to YouTube, but if he did, I wish him the best of luck with whatever he decides to do.

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