Caribbean resorts with group rooms/multiple beds to accommodate a large group?

  1. Oh well. I’ll find one. I have already found some on a cursory glance at that can take 4 per room at about $600/night. I’m sure I can contact Apple vacations or Costco too. I was just seeing if anyone here had suggestions. Guess not. Worth a try. Thanks tho!

  2. Hey, so my wife is a travel agent and she can work with Apple Vacations to help you find what you're looking for and also negotiate group rates (with no charge for her to book it, so you can probably get a better deal than you'll find online if you book yourself), check on charter flights if you're all coming from the same airport, set up airport transfers, book excursions in advance (which tends to be cheaper and guarantees you a spot since things will start to get really busy now that Covid vaccines are more available).

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