15 r3 charging brick keeps melting down.

  1. I mean the chance of you having so many go bad sounds like a electrical issue. I’ve literally never had a charger go bad unless a chair or animal cuts through the wire. I’d maybe buy an outlet tester

  2. Used the multi meter, it looks good at the wall. I use a surge protector as well. Maybe I should check it out I changed it out just about a year ago but maybe I got a bum one and little surges in power have taken their toll on the brick.

  3. Are you buying an original Dell charger or a third-party replacement part? Either way, if you haven't tried an original Dell charger, I'd recommend it. If you have, I don't know.

  4. Sounds like you're buying cheap aftermarket units that have no warranty or QC. Try buying direct from Dell. If it fails, they'll replace it free within a reasonable time I expect

  5. I was buying the cheaper ones I decided to go with the Dell one this last time and thought it was fixed until this morning. I haven't heard back from them yet but hopefully tomorrow.

  6. I’m is this happening all over the house or just a particular outlet? The cheaper bricks are a risk too so going oem is worthwhile

  7. I've only tried one circuit. In the house. Two different outlets on it but still the same circuit. I'll take the multi meter to it tomorrow and see if that could be the issue. Other things on that circuit are running well so I never thought of it possibly being that side of the equation.

  8. I recently had to have my power brick replaced because the brick itself, after an hour of gaming, the case of it was 189 degrees fahrenheit. Figured something was wrong and got a new one from Dell and same game same timeframe it doesnt really get hotter than 90f.

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