What’s the best way to lvl up? If I recall correctly before I quit I was level 50 but was struggling to get any higher

  1. Kinda a cheap way of doing it. But if you have the DLCs and start the stories from them they offer level ups for you

  2. I would say look for a higher level wayfarer set the game to death game difficulty and go the snow moutains in the west ( Snilid Mounten or something not sure what its called rn). In the South East Corner of the map u will find a lot of the Mamuth like enemys at around level 110+ nicely placed in a bunch of 3 mobs per spot and a double spot with 6 or so of them. Grinded there my self from 62 to like 89 in about an hour with some exp buff food and the M Exp boost from the cube

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