I don’t think I can play anymore

  1. I get the feeling when it comes to any SAO Game the 1st thing people think is the problem is their level when the problem usually is Gear and Knowledge about custom gear and buffs

  2. Set the difficulty up to a higher one and use golden apple and stacias blessing for more exp then go to one if the bew areas and kill all the enimies and repeat that should hopefully lvl u up

  3. Thanks for the tip. It’s helping me level up quite a bit. When I made the post I was at 81. I’m currently at 83

  4. I know I can’t talk after my… rant… but I am level 54 and doing the final ancient apostles. The only problems I’m running into is my accuracy (?) being so low I can barely hit the thing, and my impatience. I’m definitely finding it easier then the second one, I just need to be patient and somehow increase my accuracy (?)

  5. Accuracy isn’t my issue here. I can hit the thing perfectly. My issue comes down to being so under levelled compared to the boss that it can kill me and Liz I’m just two hits. So far I’m levelling up so once I get to near 90 or exactly 90 I’ll try again see how I improve

  6. The solution is cranking up the difficulty, high enough that they give good EXP, but not too high that you can't touch the enemies. The XT drops from mobs should make it a lot easier to put up a fight than back when the game released.

  7. I actually finally beat it the other day! I was level 90 so no. You just need to have good gear and be very careful

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