Buckeye Relief Secret Formula Airopro live resin series = amazing indica vape!

  1. Right on, that's great that you are enjoying the BR products so far! I have bought a lot of their products, and had very few issues. I would avoid their larger concentrates, especially diamonds and sauce, like over 1.7 grams. I bought one 2.6 gram Diamonds and Sauce a while ago and the seal wasn't tight, and it was all dried out and flavorless, with all of the liquid stuck in the lid and inside of the box. They gave me a Visa gift card worth 1/4 of the price I paid, so I wasn't so happy about that.

  2. I've tried almost all of the Buckeye Relief Airopro carts, and recently I bought a Secret Formula live resin series and a The Sweeties live resin series too. The only strains I haven't tried are Midnight Moon Artisan Series, and Koko, Wise Up, and Oro Blanco live resin series. I'm hoping to try them all!

  3. If you ever can find the flower. It’s fire. Great review. I’ll try to get one before my days run out.

  4. awesome review! what makes the airopro carts better than other standard 510 carts? do they sell in 1g options?

  5. I don’t know how to describe it ive bought them a few times. In Lehman’s terms and I quote from my friends “wow that smacks me holy shit” they’re clean, the battery is unique to the carts, nice sleek design, personally I love BR and they keep expanding this line. If you wanna see an airopro look up their website

  6. That's awesome! I was told the same thing about Wise Up, that it is the same as Yuzu Purple. I had made a mistake on the strain diagram at first, and put that it was The Whip, aka Yuzu Purple, but I've corrected that on the latest version, in case you noticed that. I just typed the wrong thing at first.

  7. That's cool, thanks for sharing! I definitely want to try Oro Blanco soon. Anthony, from the Ohio Cannabis Live reviews really liked that strain of Airopro too. He has really good videos, I definitely recommend them. I just noticed on the box from my Airopro battery, that it says they make half and full gram. I've only seen half gram, even in other states. I've read some people say that half a gram at the most is best for things like live resin and live rosin carts, but I'm not sure why exactly. Maybe they could sell multi packs, so three half gram carts would be close to two days worth of THC or something like that.

  8. So is this cartridge Indica or Hybrid? I ask because Herbology in Cuyahoga Falls has it listed on their site as Hybrid

  9. I think it really depends on the individual cart, especially with live resin and others that use the actual flower strains to make them. The flower itself can sometimes be more indica or sativa leaning, even if the strain is typically one or the other. I'm not even close to understanding how all that works, but I just chalk it up to "genetics is complicated".

  10. Sorry for replying twice, but I just wanted to copy the exact quote from the Buckeye Relief representative, from when I asked about this new strain of Airopro Airo Pod because I saw it on the dispensary menu online:

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