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  1. Does anyone believe that allowing beards will be anything more than a bandaid for morale? I would love a 1/4” allowance just so shaving waivers weren’t a thing.

  2. I mean a quarter inch could still be a decent professional looking beard. Not what everyone wants, sure, but not really a hill I care to die on.

  3. Maybe for some but the unpopular opinion is that it’s becoming the norm as time goes on. Back in the day it used to be you conformed to the military lifestyle and now it’s the other way around. That’s not a bad thing at all.

  4. You kinda answered it right there. By getting rid of the shaving waiver process alone it will be more than just a morale bandaid, as it will save man hours by not having to administer that dumbass program anymore. It will also save time for the chaplaincy in addition to medical because they will not have to deal with as many facial hair accommodation requests.

  5. Shaving waivers are such a f**king joke! I was medical for the last 13 years of my career... practically ANYBODY who asked for one, got one.

  6. They talked about baseball caps for an hour and a half at a big meeting with all the AF top brass a few years ago and decided “no”, but now we have them - sometimes the wave crests a little later than you think it will in huge bureaucracies

  7. I just got a shaving waiver. No one in my unit cares; I'm in meetings with the group commander frequently enough and he doesn't care. So I recommend everyone get a shaving waiver

  8. I’m in FSS and I feel like 1/3 to 1/2 of the males in the DFAC are already on a waiver. Just fucking allow it at this point if the standard is Oprah everyone gets a waiver anyways.

  9. The reason we got hands in pockets was because everyone was already doing it. Same reason we will probably see black socks authorized eventually. It’s easier to say “Fuck it, just change the rules” when everyone does it. Unless we all collectively start growing out beards, I don’t see it happening. Senior leaders have already shown they don’t give a shit about any of the studies that confirm discrimination against Airmen with shaving waivers. If they don’t care about that, they definitely don’t care about SrA Dirtbag “wanting” a beard.

  10. If I remember correctly that's how a Brit told me they ended up with beards. They just changed the policy in 2019. Canada as well.

  11. I didn't know people were even still checking socks. Why black though? Made sense with black boots but not with green/brown

  12. This lines uo with something I heard from a Chief at my base during NCOPE, accoring to him he was at a Chief's symposium and Chief Bass does not like it when the topic of beards are brought up.

  13. That’s why we keep bringing it up, her own advice was to keep challenging a “no” until it becomes a “yes.”

  14. I heard she supports them, but Gen Brown does not. I'd probably be pretty annoyed if I had to constantly tow the company line and shut down folks on stuff that I actually am for.

  15. And as an NCO you’ve been meeting with future troops to obtain a copy of said key for morale and wellness checks, r-right?

  16. I think the are more dudes with beards at NASIC then dudes without beards… idk how all of them have shaving waivers lmao

  17. Leadership at it's finest. Always with our best interests at heart while maximizing morale. Doing less with more seems to be the axiom of our incompetent, nieve & failing upper leaderships. Glad we get to see them wither away as we replace them & unfuck their legacy of laziness.

  18. I don’t want to hear any complaining about recruitment or retention issues. If the AF can’t get enough people in the door, its on the AF to make the concessions to get people in the door. There are Airmen currently wearing beards due to shaving wavers. I dont get the stubbornness.

  19. people say get a waiver its simple. False, look i dont have PFB however I get a hell of razor burn and it fucks my face up for a while. I have tried to get a waiver 3 times and was denied because I dont have PFB. i have to shave daily regardless of what it does to my face it sucks.

  20. Not sure when this is from but based on social media activity from both her and the base, wouldn’t it be very obvious if she was or was not in Hawaii? Yeah they could not go to the base and make a Tweet before she left and just publish it while she’s there, but that sounds like a great deal of effort to make this meeting secretive

  21. There was literally just a meeting with a ton of AF leadership including Chief Bass in Hawaii. Also she does have pictures of Hawaii on her social media.

  22. A big reason I got out after four years approximately a century ago was the inescapable pea-brained, mission-irrelevant mentality of the few with nothing better to do than make and enforce these idiotic rules. Back then there was always some asshole who was more worried about somebody's haircut, "proper" saluting, or somebody's hands in a pocket than whether the job got done. Now, I understand, such mission-critical issues as beards and pronouns have moved into prominence with them. Traditions are important, but if changing times justifies legitimizing official gender confusion and spending time lecturing the troops about it, then maybe changing times also justifies rethinking some of these juvenile demands on individuals who are regularly lectured about behaving like adults.

  23. Jokes on them, I just got hired as a civilian contractor for the same place I used to work at. I was getting paid enlisted pay (with mil benefits obviously). Now, I'm gonna get $113k with benefits and a beard lol.

  24. Lol so I was kinda there when it was discussed. Bottom line.... Regs can't be written for beards to uphold a clean and professional appearance. There is too much variation and airman cannot be trusted to police themselves. Some people can only grow goatees, some can only grow side burns, others only grow hair on their necks or just sotty fuzz. Thats it, it cannot be written in to regs in a way that ensures a clean appearance. Too many people would look like sloppy shit. just kidding I wasn't there, or was I?

  25. See this is that crap that I keep hearing (not attacking you). That variation arguement dont get brought up when you got bald officers with horse shoes and BALDING left and right. If they dont discriminate against the pattern of hair that grows NATURALLY from the top of their head, then they shouldnt discriminate against the natural hair that grows from the face.

  26. Theres a pretty cool thing you can get when you’re in the Air Force so that you can grow a beard, it’s called a DD-214 I think

  27. I think beards won’t be allowed for a long while, because many people would just look sloppy. If it became in regs, I would sport a neat beard, but I refuse to get a BS shaving waiver. I could guaranteed get one with ease at my base, but I won’t. Another airman in my unit did and the things I’ve heard people say about it behind his back are not very good. And I’m talking people from SrA all the way up to Colonel. You might think people are chill with it, but many are not. It’s unfortunate that it’s looked down upon and thus it should be put in regs to end the stigma and the gray areas.

  28. Doesn't seem to matter. The amount of people I see walking around my building with full on beards is crazy.

  29. Probably best to accept a beard in service is never going to be a reality for most. I have one pretty often, and I wish y’all could too, but I don’t see it happening.

  30. Are we trying to be the Yankees of the international military world? The only baseball team that requires you to be clean shaven. Just let us have beards and boost morale for a few more years til we find something else to be upset about.

  31. Thats whats pressing in today's military fricking beards. Ok pretty boys put down the mirror and get to work. Ladies only comment.

  32. Not sure when this is from but based on social media activity from both her and the base, wouldn’t it be very obvious if she was or was not in Hawaii? Yeah they could not go to the base and make a Tweet before she left and just publish it while she’s there, but that sounds like a great deal of effort to make this meeting secretive

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