Quick Tip - Better Fade In/Out

  1. The number 1 rule of video editing/ motion graphics. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. It’s all dependent on the project/story.

  2. You know when you alpha down image things can appear very unnatural. Colors can get muddy or shift to a green tint—it can look odd. In a natural situation, something fades away not because it becomes a ghost but because the light that's reflecting off it slowly diminishes. This method is much closer to what the eye is used to seeing thus it makes it more believable. I understand the POV of not necessarily better or that this is more work but I do believe this is objectively better for these types of images.

  3. As others have said, its different but maybe not better. But--I love AE quick tips. As kind of a novice in AE, I like simple things that I dont really need to LEARN (through long tutorials) as much as DISCOVER. This is great in that you've tipped me off to a quick and easy alternative. Thanks!

  4. This is the kind of tip vid I live to see. Fast, fun, I might literally toss it in a comp right now. Blessings on the poster.

  5. nice simple way of doing this technique! well done, personally ive found keyrframing the opacity down from 100-0 on the last 1/4 of that animation helps reduce the starkness of any remaining white elements. The CC plugin seems crunch the values at the top end so much they produce a very non-anti-aliased feel, so perhaps the introduction of a VERY small blur at the last few frames could help also?

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