listen here champ, it's time to put on your big boy pants and move on

  1. Oh that’s fucking nothing, people still deny the Moon Landing and back their claims up with bullshit not remotely possible, and a whole cult has been formed that believes your soul is infected with an alien’s soul and they’re still raking in billions a year. And there’s another cult that believes its leader has been the same guy for thousands of years, just reincarnated and brought back into the office every time they died.

  2. The moon landing ABSOLUTELY was faked. NASA hired Martin Scorsese to film it for them as a propaganda piece showing our superiority over the USSR. The reason it cost so much was that Scorsese was such a perfectionist that he insisted on filming on location.

  3. It would require them to admit they were not only wrong but duped. This is too much for some. It is far easier to blame everyone else instead.

  4. One of the most pernicious facets of confidence games is that those who are the most heavily and earliest invested tend to be the most ardent defenders. And that’s because shame is the father of denial.

  5. I don’t think it’s just that. There’s a lot of people that just have their minds made up and their identities completely associated with a side. At this point it’s just one group vs. another and “who started it” and “who’s right” is an afterthought.

  6. If you entered into a contest and found out that contest was rigged would you enter the contest again? No, you wouldn’t because you know you’re going to lose again. Trump doesn’t believe it’s rigged, he just needs his useful idiots to keep parroting and will try to use his campaign to fend off legal battles. Let’s see if Garland has any balls, I can say this much if the FBI showed up at my house to collect stolen secret documents they would also have arrest in hand and I’d be a goner.

  7. They're full of shit. All this talk of arming themselves, fighting "deez tyrannical gubermentz" yet an election gets stolen in their eyes, and they don't do shit but try and destroy their own Capitol building while taking selfies.

  8. It's more like, when you realize millions of people are still supporting a party that literally committed sedition by storming the capital to stop a democratically held election.

  9. Yep. And if you try to explain that to people who are neutral they don’t really understand the brevity of the situation.

  10. I mean, it's been happening for a long time now, and Republicans vehemently support it hiding behind the guise of things like second amendment rights. Just this month (since the 13th) there were 25 incidents qualified for mass shooting status. But it's only the 17th, so we're averaging about 1.5 a day...

  11. I still wonder what they expect to accomplish by it... Like, in their perfect world, do they expect Biden to just be like "Okay, you're right, go ahead Trump, you're president now..." or something? Because that's not how it would work at all...

  12. I overheard my boss last week telling a customer that the PA election had to be stolen because "there is no way that many people voted for him [Fetterman]" and the police should investigate it.

  13. The election was rigged! If they think that Biden will fix the election fraud before 2024, then they better stay home and not vote.

  14. Since I've already seen 3 comments trying to both sides this, yes democrats have a history of not handling losses well, however the democrats being a sore loser is not comparable to trump attempting a coup, and people should treat this as a both sides are the same situation.

  15. I'm still a littl salty about the hanging chad BS years ago but had moved on from arguing it by the time the hearings were over. The fight was lost at that point and you deal with it. Time to move on losers.

  16. Can all you whiney Americans (both republican and democrat) please piss off posting constant memes about how corrupt your government is. There are soooo many subs for American politics.

  17. You mean the time that Al Gore conceded when he lost at the Supreme Court, and has never run for office since?

  18. Yea it’s all fired up again too. Any spot republicans lost is a rigged election. One good thing is that some of them have lost faith in the process, and will no longer be casting votes.

  19. It’s so funny to me that when they lose, they say it’s rigged, and when they win they say it was a fair election. It’s like playing Uno with a 6 year old.

  20. Champ? He lost the popular vote twice. Under that watch, the senate and the house was lost. As of today, the house is in tenuous control of the GOP, and it wasn’t from doubling down on Bigly lies.

  21. interesting. I call out someone in your thread here and I push hard, and they just fell apart and deleted everything. Even the account. Whats up with that...

  22. Kemp was in charge of the election he was running in and refused to recuse himself from the role. How does that not reek of bullshit? At the very least it shows the lack of any sort of morality.

  23. Dude people still question the bush and al gore election. Just use your brain for a second to realize things are rigged all the time. Am I going to deep dive the details of elections? No we are fucked either way, but to blatantly deny any sort of wrong doings ever because "thats how it's supposed to be" is dense as fuck.

  24. I thought that the Russia thing was about them meddling in the election by a concerted effort with Trumps people, and to sway the public. I don’t think people are saying that they committed election fraud or anything. So the votes for Trump aren’t in question, just the influence of Russia on it, and Trumps campaign.

  25. Clinton didn't attempt a coup, trump did, what Clinton did wasn't by any means the correct way to handle her loss, but it's not comparable to trumps attempted self coup.

  26. People were salty trump won in 2016, meanwhile Trump attempted a coup when he lost in 2020, the situations aren't comparable.

  27. People who said “not my president” didn’t believe Trump lost, they believed Trump didn’t represent them. And they were right, since everything trump did was to please 30% of the population, and he even tweeted “the only good democrat is a dead democrat”

  28. notmypresident was not about people denying he was elected but that he didn't represent them as a citizen.

  29. This is a far stretch from denying an election. You do realize that not agreeing with your president is a very common situation and doesn't at all refuse the election results.

  30. It’s been six years since 2016 and Hillary is still whining about “muh election was stolen by Putin and da Orange bad man”! 😅😂😂🤣

  31. Could’ve said the same to y’all about the 2016 election. Y’all were trying to get him out for Russian collusion for all 4 years of his term.

  32. I mean to be fair the left went nuts for 4 years with trump.Trump.. given it was Trump and he's a nut job but still.

  33. Like seriously, what do you expect to happen at this point? Just move on, bitch about it in your echo chambers and move the hell on.

  34. Do you mean when it was proven that Russians ran a major disinformation campaign to influence the election?

  35. Both sides have people who question election legitimacy. Obviously the side that won isn’t going to question at the time. Let’s all put our big boy pants on and accept that statement.

  36. They used Covid for the mass mail in ballots…now it’s “the new normal”…Covid was a scam…the elections take 2 weeks to count votes…it’s always neck and neck and then the democrat comes out victorious 100% of the time by 200 votes.

  37. About 90% of my relatives fall into this group. At this point I’m not sure if they’re too far gone down the rabbit hole, but I can’t see any of them coming to their senses any time soon.

  38. I mean, you should be denying it. Decades later, even. If it was in fact a fraudulent election. Which of course, it wasn’t.

  39. tbf... you cannot be president for more than 2 terms... The law doesn't say anything about being elected more than twice.

  40. It’s the whole premise of the Shaggy song (which came from an Eddie Murphy comedy bit), “It Wasn’t Me.”

  41. My favorite part is that they say Trump is actually in charge and Biden is a front, but whenever something bad happens, they blame Biden. Like…is he making the decisions or not? 😂

  42. "BuT WhEn RePuBlICaN LoSeS, wE TaKe ThE L LiKe MeN" -some Republicans when trump won defeated Hilary.

  43. It seems like there is a running theme for when someone gets elected. Every Democrat that wins the election has some crazy conspiracy attached to them. The Clintons murdered people to make it to the top. Obama was born in Kenya. Biden stole the election.

  44. To be completely fair, if I lived in a country where I genuinely believed an election was rigged against the will of the people, there’s no fucking way I’d be “moving on” in 2 years.

  45. You’re not paying attention if you think only “one side” has trouble accepting election results. And stop saying it’s different because there was no Jan 6 with the democrats. If you don’t accept the results, you’re damaging the entire process.

  46. Except for a couple key differences (not limited to the following): (1) Trump's illegitimacy stems from Russian interference in the election (that was subsequently proven to be true). (2) Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a not insignificant amount, and (3) whining about a stolen election in 2020 (and thereafter) doesn't make it true. There has been no substantiated evidence for election fraud and even the Republican backed election audit conducted in Arizona found that, if anything, the Democratic votes were undercounted.

  47. Trump will lose. And honestly hopefully they take off the kid gloves when dealing with any rioters. Assuming Trump is alive and/or not in prison in two years.

  48. Ballot harvesting. That is all. Im not even from the USA but if you don’t think the 2020 elections were stolen right under everyone’s noses then you are a fuckin idiot.

  49. I know right! Everyone just forget about it, and move on with your lives already. Cubans and Venezuelans have moved on, the rest of the world has moved on from them, and you should move on too!

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